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Women Reversible Leather Coat with ruffles In Celeste - Jennifer Tattanelli

Women Reversible Leather Coat with ruffles In Celeste




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The Reversible Leather Coat with Ruffles is one of Jennifer Tattanelli's new arrivals and is quickly becoming a popular design with its riding-coat inspired look.

The coat is made in Firenze, Italy using exquisite pieno-fiore leather.

The coat isn't just stylish - it's also very practical, with the ability to fold it effortlessly for travels.

With its beautiful hand-stitched ruffle detailing and buttery soft sensation, this Reversible Leather Coat is one-of-a-kind and is guaranteed to become a favorite garment in your wardrobe.

The design finishes with button closure, leather/suede-covered cuffling buttons, and a high collar.

The coat has a fitted design when worn, accentuating your silhouette, with a longer back and shorter front.

Cozy yet cool, the Reversible Leather Coat with Ruffles comes in various sizes and can be fully customized using our Italy bespoke services. Change the color and fit to suit you.

  • Various sizes
  • Pieno-fiore leather - water-resistant
  • Customizable
  • Reversible design
  • New arrival
  • Riding-coat inspired
  • Easy to fold for travels
  • Warm yet cool
  • Buttery soft sensation
  • Hand-stitched ruffle detailing
  • Button closure (removable buttons)
  • Leather/suede-covered cuffling buttons
  • Fitted design with high collar
  • Longer in the back, shorter at the front
  • Handcrafted in Italy
  • Model: JT07R

...designing and crafting for you all...@JenniferTattanelli

This style can be custom made like all our products in many colors, ask one of our stylist for a personal consultation writing to:




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