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How did it all begin....

Jennifer Tattanelli represents the up and coming voice of the new generation of young talented “Florentine” leather stylists, inherited from the traditional family business.

Florentine born she’s been modeling and creating fashion from a very early age. Brought up speaking English with her mother and Italian with her father. She was fascinated learning about her great grandfather who was world renown pathologist Dr James Ewing and another relative Samuel Clemens better known as Mark Twain author of “Tom Sawyer “ and “Huckleberry Finn”.

Being a child model fashion was always around her and she acquired a taste for American Folk ART from living in the summers with her Grand mother June Ewing a well known artist and Folk Art collector who had an amazing house completely decorated with tavern signs, an enormous merry go round rabbit, an Amish carriage, dolls, stoneware, a barber shop pole, furniture and portraits, so this was like Alice In Wonderland for Jennifer.

It is these two distinct influences that make Jennifer such a talented stylist: naturally catering to multi cultural tastes. She did theatre in the summers, her mother designed costumes while Jennifer would give her a hand observing and learning along the way rapidly developing her own personal style.

Jennifer launched her career at CK in NYC then she returned to expand the family business in Florence.

“..after working for CK I knew it was time to return to Florence and the family business. I’ve been working for over 17 years now constantly researching new ideas and trends. I’m proud of my work and my roots. I’m extremely particular and respect the Florentine craftsmanship that is unique worldwide. I insist on handmade items being carefully cut, designed and executed by our Florentine artisans, on the painstaking care of detailed stitching, on the choice of high quality materials and a precise assembly final fit for the garments. I love creating new looks using refined elevated quality materials for my clients…“

Florence itself made it easy for Jennifer to develop her taste for the beauty and uniqueness of that city naturally appreciating its craftsmanship, its colors, the treasures of Art and its buildings. Interestingly Jennifer visualizes “minimal” in each work of art something one can see in her creations.

“I’m proud of being an Italian American..” the cultural influences are evident in her designs and personal style.

Jennifer lives with her family in Florence and New York and spend the summers in The Hamptons, her children's smiles are Jennifer’s greatest inspiration.