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Jennifer's Photo Diary

Bond Girls....

Jul 30 2022
....actually these are Jennifer' Angels!!! Wearing my super soft sneakers, jeans and stretchable leather jacket... Read More

'A very different concept': Jennifer Tattanelli opens second leather goods store in Palm Beach

Mar 11 2022
Palm Beach Daily News - Published 6:35 a.m. ET March 11, 2022 For 12 generations, the Tattanelli family has been crafting fine leather goods for customers in Italy and around the world. Four years ago, Palm Beach shoppers got their first look at the family's handiwork when Jennifer Tattanelli opened a 2,000-square-foot atelier in the former Cartier location on Worth Avenue. Jennifer... Read More

Then when almost everything seems done...

Oct 16 2021
....the final check on what the collection will look like! Read More

Look at what Firenze can offer you....

Oct 09 2021
....Arts, History, Culture, great Food, Fashion and more... Read More

La mia Bella Firenze...

Oct 02 2021
....between work and work likely I do find the time to enjoy my gorgeous town! Read More

Shoes making in Italy...

Sep 30 2021
....when I enter my Artisan Atelier I forgot the time and something I forgot myself in it!!! Read More

Searching for the right color palette...

Sep 25 2021 is fun and exhausting at the same time, likely I love what I do!! Read More

Crafting leather goods in Firenze...

Sep 19 2021
....endless meetings looking for the perfect fit!! Read More

Palazzo pants and a Vespa...

Jul 26 2021 the Hamptons!! Summer cannot get any better!! Read More

Sunset in the Hamptons...

Jul 17 2021
casual down time with the family and friends and my super comfortable slip on!! Read More

4th of July...

Jul 04 2021
....with the Koch family. An American/Italian celebration! Read More

Forte dei Marmi...

Jun 26 2021
....Florence beach side, always a great time with my family! Read More

The Beach Club in Palm Beach...

May 29 2021
....loving moments with my boys Read More

Palm Beach events...

May 13 2021
....another Ferrari that a sign for the next car buying? Read More

Ferrari event in Florida...

Apr 24 2021
....breezy day so what is better than a reversible leather vest and some comfortable leather sandals? Read More

The Colony Palm Beach...

Apr 23 2021 interesting afternoon with friends!! Read More

Happy customers on Worth Avenue....

Apr 22 2021
....Palm Beach is unique! Read More

Boca Raton Fashion Show...

Apr 16 2021, cars, private jets and more.... Read More

Kat Fuqua....equestrian class

Mar 25 2021 was lovely working with Kat!! Read More

Palm Beach Atelier...

Mar 05 2021
....waiting for the next stylist appointment!! Read More

Palm Beach night out....

Feb 26 2021
with my favorite Date...Jonathan! Read More

Blue and Pale Pink....

Feb 20 2021
...I love this combination! Read More

Panama Hat anyone?

Feb 19 2021
They have not even been invented in Panama!!! Read More

Playing with Leather and Pearls....

Feb 01 2021
every respectable Lady favorite game! Read More

Bentley and Leather....

Jan 30 2021
why not? Read More