Born in Florence, Italy and raised in a bilingual home, Jennifer Tattanelli has devoted her entire life to crafting and designing fashion, representing the voice of a new generation of young, talented Florentine leather stylists.

From a young age, Jennifer was fascinated with her heritage, always researching her great-grandfather, world-renowned pathologist Dr. James Ewing, and her great-great uncle Samuel Clemens – also known as Mark Twain, the author of American literary classics The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Being a child model, she was always surrounded by fashion and quickly developed her own personal style. Between her summers in the Hamptons with her grandmother June, a well-known folk art collector, marveling at the fantastic works adorning the house and watching her mother create fabulous theatrical costumes, Jennifer was soaking it all in. These influences are what make Jennifer such a groundbreaking designer – one who can cater to any taste.

She began her career at Calvin Klein in New York City, but decided to return home, devoted to expanding the family business in Florence:
“After working for Calvin Klein, I knew it was time to return to Florence and the family business. I’ve been working for over 25 years now, constantly researching new ideas and trends. I’m proud of my work and of my roots. I’m extremely particular and respect the Florentine craftsmanship that is unique worldwide. I insist on handmade items being carefully cut, designed and executed by our Florentine artisans, on the painstaking care of detailed stitching, on the choice of high quality materials and a precise final assembly fit for the garments. I love creating new looks using refined, elevated quality materials for my guests.”

The city of Florence itself made it easy for her to develop a taste for the beautiful and unique. Its exquisite craftsmanship, colors, artistic treasures, and buildings are present in each and every one of her creations, though her greatest inspiration is her children’s smiles.

Her dreams…keep designing and crafting for you all…@JenniferTattanelli