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Men Suede Blazer in Cashmere Impritend Grey Suede - Jennifer Tattanelli

Men Suede Blazer in Cashmere Impritend Grey Suede




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Stylish and versatile, this Men Suede Blazer is more than just a garment to keep you warm. It expresses your fashion taste and completely transforms the way you look. Created with quality suede leather into a luxurious blazer-style jacket, it's a contemporary garment with a vintage, sartorial finish crafted or bespoke for you from our Florentine Artisans.

The two pockets also provide you with the necessary space for your essentials or as a place to tuck your hands in, especially when outside during the colder months. Additionally, you can close the jacket with the three implemented buttons.

The meticulous design, sartorial excellence and sleek, classy expression gives this Men Suede Jacket a totally unique look and feel that is perfect for leisure.


  • Meticulous design
  • Sartorial excellence
  • Contemporary with a sartorial finish
  • Quality suede leather jacket
  • 2 pockets
  • 3 buttons for closure
  • Model: JU08S

...designing and crafting for you all...@JenniferTattanelli

This style can be custom made like all our products in many colors, ask one of our stylist for a personal consultation writing to:




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