The first store in front of the Pitti Palace..

The first store in front of the Pitti Palace - Jennifer Tattanelli

La Nazione 1992

Jennifer Tattanelli triumphs as a trendsetter and visionary among patent leather fashion products and accessories brands in Italy.  Thriving on the fashion essence of Italy, Jennifer Tattanelli offers the privileged connoisseurs an exceptional choice of premium leather products made perfect by a full range of impeccable design and quality production.

Jennifer launched her career at CK in NYC before returning to Firenze to expand the family business. Her imprint has boosted CASINI FIRENZE as a unique one of a kind shopping experience in Firenze. For more than 17 years, she has been constantly researching new ideas and trends. Jennifer understands that heritage, originality and innovation can be forged into unique pieces of art that leave their mark. Over the years, Jennifer have not only developed a profound understanding of leather and its versatility, but also accumulated a wealth of expertise in using it in unexpected contexts.

Jennifer Tattanelli offer a variety of hand crafted leather products of the very highest quality. The passion and the professionalism put in the production is the guarantee of high standards for the best high-end articles you can find on the market.

With distinctive design concept and dedicated execution, Jennifer Tattanelli is in a leading position as an upmarket patent leather brand.  Every detail in our products is designed to evoke the sense of eminence; we believe that our careful attention to detail exemplifies the passion for quality patent leather products and our tribute to every design.  Along this strategy, different concepts and designs are custom developed by Jennifer Tattanelli’s exclusive production line to meet the diverse needs of the global market. Designed to be ruggedly durable without losing their sleek beauty, Jennifer Tattanelli products will look good on you wherever you go. Apart from producing and bespoke couture leather products, Jennifer also provides stylist consultation for various categories of clients.   

All of Jennifer Tattanelli leather products are designed in Italy and handcrafted by independent Florentine leather artisans. Each leather product is absolutely unique, thanks to the careful attention that goes into every aspect of the manufacturing process, from the selection of materials to artisan craftsmanship. The Jennifer Tattanelli collection for men and women includes shoes, boots, jackets and accessories in casual, dress and western styles are handcrafted in minimal lots with special quality and uniqueness.

Understanding individual needs and tastes has helped Jennifer in providing uniqueness to her customers. She believes everything can be custom made based on every customer’s taste and body. “…everyone’s life style and body is different so I like to learn about my clients and work with them personally creating exactly what will make them feel special….”

Florence itself made it easy for Jennifer to develop her taste for the beauty and uniqueness of that city naturally appreciating its craftsmanship, its colors, the treasures of Art and its buildings. Interestingly Jennifer visualizes “minimal” in each work of art something one can see in her creations.

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