Boca Raton Magazine - 561 Faces

Boca Raton Magazine - 561 Faces

Bags, shoes, dresses — designer Jennifer Tattanelli does it all and now is close to us having opened her Florentine Leather Atelier on 214 Worth Avenue-Palm Beach.

Along with an interesting background, Tattanelli brings handmade leather goods and the old art of weaving to Boca residents, giving a taste of her heritage and luxury custom designs.

While Tattanelli comes from a successful family on both her American mother and Italian father’s side, she has created her own success through expanding the family business. But fashion was not always in Tattanelli’s plan. Originally, she wanted to follow in her great-grandfather pathologist Dr. James Ewing’s footsteps and majored in both mathematics and physics in college. However, the sewing machine she received when she was 12-years-old seemed to seal her fate in fashion.

“I always knew I wanted to work with people and make them feel good so my original path was going into medical and research” said Tattanelli. “I like to make people feel good, see them smile and be happy. I don’t just design for the sake of fashion, I simply design with you. I like to be in contact with my guests, their bodies and their needs.  You’re not supposed to fit into my clothes, my clothes and shoes are supposed to fit you.”

Jennifer’s Ateliers span from her Italian hometown to The Hamptons and Palm Beach. The Atelier on Worth Avenue is an experience to behold, with colors bursting like a kaleidoscope of nature’s splendor, one of her many inspirations. Elegant couches welcome visitors to sit and enjoy the collections for men and women and sip the same wine served in her Florence restaurant, while shoppers peruse her array of fine leather jackets, bags and shoes arranged in enticing vignettes.

Along with Tattanelli’s customized approach to fashion, her designs offer comfort without having to compromise style.

(561) 660-7847

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