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My Bella Firenze

It's Sunday, so let'

by My Bella Firenze - Jennifer's Blog |

Go To Post     It's Sunday, so let's get to our favorite part of the week: Vibing in our cozy home, reading about fashion and watching movies. 📰 This week, I have a special treat for you: a throwback from this autumn. You'll see that men can dress well too—and in fact, they can do it better than some women....

What a gorgeous outf

by My Bella Firenze - Jennifer's Blog |

Go To Post     What a gorgeous outfit! I love how she has combined different tones of grey in a way that looks put together and fancy, not to mention so in vogue this fall! 🍁 I think it's a great example of how fashion doesn't have to be about being loud or flashy. It can be about being subtle...

Between points 1 to

by My Bella Firenze - Jennifer's Blog |

Go To Post     Between points 1 to 4, I'd say some are more important than others..😅 Nevertheless, here is a pair of fabulous shoes to keep close for just any occasion you have on your mind. Feel free to wear them repeatedly, as the materials used are durable and well put together. 💯🙏 I made these shoes knowing that...

Under the jacket….

by My Bella Firenze - Jennifer's Blog |

Go To Post     Under the jacket….well let us leave that to the imagination. If you’re looking for the perfect way to spend a day in the city, look no further than dressing up with your best friend and taking on the world. 🙌 I’m not talking about your standard run-of-the-mill outfit either—I’m talking about taking it up a notch....

Marilyn Monroe knew

by My Bella Firenze - Jennifer's Blog |

Go To Post     Marilyn Monroe knew what a true lady needs to be like, and most importantly, she wasn't afraid to speak up for herself. 💯 She was the original #girlboss—a real-life icon in the history of fashion who knew how to make a statement with her style. And she didn't care what you thought about it. 👩💪 Monroe...