Who Said Style and Comfort Don’t Mix? Did you see this leather reversible jacket?

Who Said Style and Comfort Don’t Mix? Did you see this leather reversible jacket?

There’s a widespread belief among society that women who want to look
good, have to wear the most uncomfortable clothes. In other words, it’s the
trade-off of compromising comfort for that extra glamour.

We’re talking about those feet-tiring stiletto heels and tight corsets. The sad reality that women have to put up with is that dressing for comfort and practicality is considered unattractive these days, and a clear sign of “she’s letting herself go”. In truth however, modern day women lead very busy and productive lives, and they need to be able to move freely and go about their daily tasks without the burden of an uncomfortable outfit. Nonetheless, looking good doesn’t have to be entirely out of the picture.

Fashion should be a woman’s crown, not a heavy load. Jennifer Tattanelli’s
fashion line puts that at face value, and her brand has made it its mission to
prove that style and comfort can get along.

The talented designer from Florence represents strong women everywhere.

Her hand-made designs for both men and women are the definition of
sophisticated fashion; something she acquired from her family’s leather
craftsmanship in a city as beautiful as Florence. Here are noticeable traits that
make her brand stand out:

Loose, yet flattering outfits: Aside from being unique and aesthetically
pleasing, her designs are also comfortable and fit perfectly. They are baggy, yet snug enough to hold your body. The colorful schemes and the refreshing combinations not only make Jennifer’s designs unique, fashion forward and authentic, they make women feel good about themselves and men fully embrace the unique Italian style well known in the world.

The best touch with the highest-quality fabrics: Whether it’s satin (satin is
referred to fabric barely used for leather) or high-end leather, pure cotton or
cashmere, Jennifer Tattanelli chooses nothing but the highest-quality skins and
fabrics for her designs. Not only does that elevate the value of her work, the
materials used give a nice feel to her designs. With such high-quality material,
you don’t have to worry about rashes, itching, leather cracks, or wardrobe

Pull off a full outfit and save time: We all know someone whose wardrobe
overflows with clothes, yet they have “nothing to wear”. It’s not that they
don’t have enough clothes, they just don’t have enough outfits, that simple.

Having to choose what to wear every day is not everyone’s cup of tea; it takes
a lot of time, and choosing the wrong combination can ruin your day and
trigger insecurities.

This is why you can never go wrong with a brand like Jennifer Tattanelli because with her designs, insecurities and mismatched outfits are a thing of the past and where you do not really know what to do, they are just one click away since they consult their guest anywhere in the world thru Facetime or Zoom.

High-end Leather shoes designed for comfort: Your pair of shoes can make or
break your day, and wearing an uncomfortable pair can ruin your productivity
and mood. Jennifer Tattanelli adds a touch of her family’s craftsmanship in her
shoe designs, creating the perfect pair that not only looks good, but feels good

Jennifer was hit from a car on the lovely PONTE VECCHIO in Florence and since then each of her shoes are developed with an orthopedic first since she had to walk and work on crutches for a long time.

Visit https://jennifertattanelli.it/pages/our-story and check out Jennifer
Tattanelli’s latest collection if you’re looking for a comfortable fashion

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