Who is in Florence right now?

Who is in Florence right now?

Happy Thursday!!! 

Spring has sprung! It has been a very emotional month, full of inspiration everywhere!

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My birthday present has been sincerely a true surprise, I found in Instagram a video of all my family and friends which was a real present, so much love! 48 hours in Paris has been a real emotional inspiration for my job, you can see all on my social networks.

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Now, let’s take a bit about my beloved Florence!!

Spring has officially sprung here in Florence and I’m wasting no time soaking up every bit of it.

I am almost back and I cannot wait to get back in motion spending sometime  trekking up to Villa Bardini to see those dreamy wisterias in full bloom. Walking around surrounded by all of those beautiful little blossoms feels like I’m in a fairytale, but then again, when doesn’t Florence feel magical? It’s been a great way to get some extra steps in (not to mention it’s a great spot for Instagram pics).

I plan to visit the new  Manifattura Tabacchi. They’ve just finished a major expansion with new spaces for restaurants, cafes, stores, artisanal workshops, and even a rooftop garden. The old tobacco factory is already one of the most innovative spaces in Florence, having operated as a cultural hub for several years. Now it’s become a hot spot for the summer and I can’t wait to hang out there. They even have a tattoo shop opening up and I can’t say I’m not tempted to get some fresh ink, any suggestions? 

With all of that running I’ll certainly work up an appetite. That’s why I’ll be heading to the Festival della Bistecca to sink my teeth into some juicy Florentine steak. This is the second edition of the festival so it’ll be back and better than ever with booths upon booths of Tuscan farmers, chefs, and other experts hosting masterclasses and tastings all centered around the iconicbistecca Fiorentina.

May 4-6 will welcome The State of the Union. This is an annual summit for the European Union to come together for high level reflection on important topics that the EU is facing. It bridges the gap between academia and politics making it one of the most important conferences in Europe. The summit will take place in Florence at the European University Institute in Fiesole and in the historic Palazzo Vecchio.

When I think of spring I think of freshness and with all of the springtime produce coming into season, I’ve been experimenting with a lot of fun new recipes. A great late-afternoon snack I’ve been making is a fabulous homemade ranch to dip all of my favorite veggies in. Hidden Valley is great and all but super hard to find here in Italy (not to mention I can make it better myself anyways). Mine is done in no time using mayonnaise, Greek yogurt for some extra protein, lemon juice, fresh dill, and a flurry of seasonings until it tastes just right. A healthy serving of this next to a plate of carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, and even artichokes has become a delicious and refreshing snack to munch on.

What else to say...WELCOME BACK EVERYONE!! 



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