where is Spring...without new sandals?

JENNIFER TATTANELLI - where is Spring... - Jennifer Tattanelli

Dear all,

Great news! You’ve made it through January, and although it’s not exactly warm outside, there is certainly a hint of spring in the air with the panoply of events happening this month.

Weather aside, every month is good for helping a good cause, this time I like to invite you to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). Even 1$ can make a difference and since this newsletter reached 21.261 guests...well you can do the math yourself! Please donate at: Leukemia&LymphomaSociety

LLS is the leading force in blood cancer treatments. In 1964 a child’s chance of surviving Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) was 3%. Today, with LLS’s role in advances in treatments, the survival rate is 96%!! In fact, there have been 53 drugs approved by the FDA in the past two years, and LLS was instrumental in 46 of those drugs. Not only are these drugs saving lives of blood cancer patients, they are also being used to treat other forms of cancer like breast cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, amongst many more. This is an organization that is truly saving lives.

Now back to my Bella Firenze, it is February and that can only mean one thing in Italy: Carnevale!

Dress up in the wildest creation you can imagine and take part in a grand parade through the streets of Florence on Feb 22nd or pull out all the stops for the glamorous charity dinner taking place at Palazzo Vecchio. The streets are filled with jugglers, fire-eaters, and dramatic performances as Florence dons a whole new look. A perfect occasion to dust off that mask!

I think the story behind the elaborate Venetian mask is so intriguing, the face-covering allowed people of all social classes to mix freely. The protection of the mask meant that the movers and shakers of 11th-century Venice could reinvent themselves for a night with their identity safely hidden. Just think of all those love stories that were struck up across the star lined canals?!

We all know that music is the food of love and what better way to celebrate the spirit of St Valentinethan by swinging by the Pinocchio Live Jazz events taking place at the Circolo via Nuove on Saturday nights throughout February. Swaying to the sound of exotic performers like a Taiwanese vibraphonist and melodic swing, spice up your Saturday nights with an ever-changing line-up of top-class performances. One thing is for sure, you won’t be bored!

Leonard Cohen may have sung about dancing to the end of love, but few events can spice up a chilly February night like marveling at the dance athletes that will come together to ignite a veritable fireball of kinetic movement at Danza in Fiera, held at Fortezza da Basso. These stars from the international dance stage will compete in beautifully choreographed pieces revealing the elegance, precision and power it takes to become a true dance champion. I’m always in awe of their grace and finesse!

If wine and food are more your thing we have both happening in spades this month. Chianti Loverstakes place on Feb 16th at Fortezza da Basso. This prestigious event showcases the previous year’s vintage, and spotlights the best of what’s to come. With 100 wineries participating, offering a range of over 500 wines to choose from – that’s a lot of sampling!

Firenze e Cioccolato is a chocolate lovers heaven! This four-day fair takes place at piazza Santa Croce from Feb 20-23rd. With expert chocolatiers on hand to answer all your cocoa related questions and rich, creamy samples galore, what’s not to love! Pick up a few treats for you and for loved ones.

If you do one thing this month, be sure to attend one of the many fascinating events organized to celebrate Black History Month Florence. This 4-week long festival of African-American culture has chosen Obbligato or Obliged as its theme.

I’m also loving that the clever organizers are playing with the Jazz concept. Obbligato is a term in jazz that means counter melody, but one that is integral to the central melody line. This impressive line-up will keep even the most inquisitive viewer entertained with theatre performances, readings, tastings, lectures and exhibitions all set to roll out throughout February.

Phew . . . what a rocking month to kick off Spring!!

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See you soon!



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