Welcome back to Palm Beach

Welcome back to Palm Beach

Buon Giorno Tutti! Or should I say..hello there!

You know..since the season in Palm Beach, Florida is already here, that’s where you’ll find me till spring! 

Let’s leave this story for the second part of our monthly newsletter. For now, I want to share some updates with you all. 

We’ll cover fashion, the seasonal show In Minneapolis, the fall-winter collection, and how fruits and sunsets can define a designer’s creations. Let’s dig in!

PS: You might want to stick with me till the end for this read..there’s a special surprise at the end. Don’t jump to it - you’ll spoil all the fun!

Trick or...Treat Yourself to a Special Collection

I’m so excited to share my fall collection with you! Halloween has just gone and I’ve got something for everyone - even the pickiest of trick-or-treaters.

My pieces seek to give ladies and gentlemen of all shapes, sizes, and ages a fresh alternative to mainstream retail. The look is refined and  nature-inspired, with a modern twist that's not only fun and whimsical but also easy on the eyes. Sounds fun? Take a peek!

What’s more, others seem to enjoy my collection just as much as I do. Long story short, I’m having for the first time after the stop in 2020 the seasonal show back in Minneapolis to celebrate the spookiest night of the year in style. 

If you can’t make it to the show (although I’d be sorry to hear so), there will be plenty of live updates on my stories. Make sure to stay tuned on my Instagram page.

While we are having fun stateside what is happening in Florence?

As we settle into the darker days of autumn, there are plenty of film festivals to fill our evenings with culture and comfort!

Lo Schermo dell’Arte brings contemporary cinema to our screens, taking place at Cinema La Compagnia from November 16-20 but streaming online for those unable to get there! Festival dei Popoli hosts the 63rd edition of the international documentary film fest that focuses on the environment and more from November 5-13, with screenings in original language with Italian and English subtitles and an ever-interesting line-up for film fans. Women are at the centre of the Festival di Cinema e Donne from November 23-27, with various venues hosting the screenings dedicated to crucial issues.

Having filled your need for film, here’s the latest in news from Florence: Ponte Vecchio is undergoing a major restoration, the first of its kind in its 677-year history! A floating platform with scaffolding is currently conducting surveys, expected to remain in place for about 3 weeks. A year-long monitoring system is being installed, with the restoration focusing on removing weeds and consolidating damaged stones, as well as a series of other needed interventions including a protective coat of sealant to ensure the much-loved monument remains one of Florence’s main attractions throughout the centuries to come.

If you’ve had it in mind to visit the Baptistery of San Giovanni in piazza del Duomo, you’ll have to hold off until mid-December, unfortunately, as it’s closed while they set up a construction site that will carry out restoration works on the mosaics. But in the meantime, it might be interesting to read up on its many mysteries and interesting facts, including that it’s where the illustrious poet Dante Alighieri was baptized and the fact that the 8 sides reflect the number that represented eternity and resurrection!

A favorite Florentine activity has to be strolling the many markets that fill the streets and squares of the city. This month sees an antiques fair,  Florence Vintage is a charitable market at Palazzo Corsini from November 11-13, raising funds for the seriously ill and their families. The popular Christmas marketreturns to piazza Santa Croce from November 19 to December 18, with traditional wooden stalls filled with crafts and seasonal treats. There’s nothing quite like picking up a cup of mulled wine and sitting in the piazza, soaking up the holiday atmosphere (it’s never too early!).

San Miniato’s famous white truffle fest will be held the last three weekends of November, providing an excellent chance to sample the delicacy and savor the scents. Having enjoyed some of these typical autumnal flavors, adding fresh truffles to tagliolini pasta is a true delight.

A New Collection Is Sometimes Just a Couple of Fruits and a Sunset Away

This collection is so much more than just fashion. The earth's colors, rhythms and natural elements - all played a crucial role as I worked on this collection. As part of the process, I have often turned to my previous work for inspiration, but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. 

This one is different from everything I’ve created before. 

When I was thinking about this collection, the last word that came to mind was "basic" --- so I set out to design a collection that is anything but.

It's all about mixing different shades of color in unexpected ways. 

So..I turned to nature for inspiration! Fruits are lovely, haven’t you noticed? The colors and the shades of nature already mixed and matched for us are inspiring enough for any designer who wants to create something spectacular. 

  • Yellow and green? Find it in lemons and limes.
  • Blue and white? Look up to the sky.
  • All the nuances at once? Check for a rainbow. 

However, there is something more that inspired me in the creative process: sunsets. 

Walking through Florence for inspiration, I realized it was already there for me to grasp. If you’re a fan of the no-filter-needed skies at nightfall, you know what I mean. The blue and orange shades are mesmerizing enough to steal every watcher’s eye, let alone mine. I was sold. 

The end result is a fun and vibrant collection that you can wear whether you're out on the town or hanging out with friends on the weekend. Check out some ideas here!

A Cruise Collection? Count Me In

The Earth is the foundation of our existence. It provides us with all that we need to live and gives us the opportunity to enjoy its beauty.

So for the Palm Beachers or simply everyone else that takes a break from the winter the Cruise collection will kick in soon in the Palm Beach Ateliers. In this collection, we celebrate that beauty by using earth tones and rhythms to create a collection that is as beautiful as nature itself. 

From the sunrise in Palm Beach, Florida to the one that lights up the Pitti Palace stones in Florence, Italy, we've used our love for all things natural to create a collection that expresses sophistication through tangible silhouettes and artisan techniques.

Our Vimini baskets feature leather or precious skins. They require a second look—at first glance, you can't see all that is going on! There are unexpected combinations and different proportions.

Find this collection outside Palm Beach. Why? Well, I want to keep the light items in the sunshine state, while taking good care of my friends from the colder territories with bolder items. Here they are!

Now, on to the monthly tip!

How to Remove an Oil Stain From a Handbag

To remove an oil stain from your favorite handbag or coat, sprinkle baby powder on the mark and let it stand overnight. If the stain is fresh, make sure to press it with a paper towel first, so that you absorb the excess oil. 

Baby powder has a deep cleaning effect on certain fabrics and even leather. 

After letting it absorb the oil from the stain, brush off softly the excess powder in the morning, and repeat if necessary until the stain is gone or reduced.

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Have an exciting November ahead! I will keep designing and crafting for you all.


Jennifer :)

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