Weather is getting warmer in Italy

Weather is getting warmer in Italy

Hello and happy Sunday!!!

First of all I want to thank you everybody who follow me everyday in all my social networks!! Look how many!

You will find everyday all the latest must-haves and I will be there for you telling something more of my life, showing you the hand crafting, new creations, the behind the scenes, new limited editions and always a bit of Florence, The Hamptons and Palm Beach.

I would like you to feel closer to my world of a designer Under my skin.

If you want you can ask me questions, giving me advices, creating with me a special gift for you or your beloved ones, send me your pictures, giving me ideas. I will be there everyday for you to support you!!


On February 22nd I have been honoured to participate the Old Bag Luncheon where I was selected to design and craft the 2023 IT Bag, supporting  for the Center for family Services of Palm Beach.

This bag was started by my Grandmother Vittoria but unfortunately never finished, well….I did it!!! I can’t express my gratitude for the participation and generosity, my IT bag will be able to help some member of the community who otherwise would be unable to afford the help they so desperately need!


I have just arrived in Florence, few days for the new collection development (Spring Summer 2024) and the warmer weather is blessing us all.

The days are getting longer here as the sun starts to break through the clouds and provide some much needed warmth. I’ve been taking advantage of the extra daylight by strolling along the Arno river. I find that March is always a great month for it when the breeze isn’t too chilly but the sidewalks are still relatively easy to maneuver before the thick of the tourist season kicks in. My favorite sunset activity is taking a book and finding a good spot along the stone wall to sit on, watching as the city transforms from day into night.

Speaking of Florentine architecture, restoration has begun on the gilded mosaics covering the dome of the Florence Baptistery. Over the six years that are expected to complete the restoration, the public is welcome to visit and see the interior of the dome up close. I’m already strapping on my walking shoes and planning my visit to scale the ancient heights and get a good look at the works dating back to 1225.

Of all of the exciting springtime outings yet to come, I’m particularly excited about the new exhibition Reaching for the stars at Palazzo Strozzi. Over 70 works are on display from an exceptional list of contemporary artists. The exhibition comes in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo collection, which is one of the most prestigious Italian collections of contemporary art. The exhibition is on display until June 18 so it’s the perfect way to welcome in the spring and early summer.

As far as evening affairs, I’m not quite ready break open my dancing shoes and dance the night away yet, so instead I can suggest an elevated movie night at the Florence Korea Film Fest. Oscar-award winning director Bong Joon Ho will be making an appearance at various events throughout the festival in celebration of South Korean cinematography.  

This one is for the ladies- March means International Women’s Day or as we call it here in Italy, Festa Della Donna. The 8th of the month will scatter the city with cheerful yellow mimosas in all of their best forms from floral, to fizzy. I myself will be spending the day in comradely with my best friends (my mum, my sister, my colleagues and many more) over a delightful little glass of something and street as we celebrate womanhood in all of its forms.

While I’m gratefully welcoming in the warmer weather, I feel obligated to savor the last part of soup season before it’s too late. With Tuscany in transition and the springtime produce just around the corner, I’m keeping the cauldron hot for a potato and leek soup. Adding a little bit of pancetta if I’m feeling naughty, leeks are a great in-between veggie for dishes that aren’t as heavy as what I’m craving in colder months but I’m not quite ready to go full salads and avo-toast in the summertime. I keep mine simple and creamy with an array of herbs and a touch of garlic....skip this last part if it is a date night!!

What else to say...Palm Beach wait for me I am coming back soon enough.

Have a wonderful March!



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