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First up on the latter note: for all of you in New York, Minneapolis and Chicago, we’ve got seasonal shows scheduled in your cities. If you like to book your time with me or one of my super stylists team  simply click on the images below or send an email to: Fall Seasonal Show.

In New York we will host you in my Atelier on Madison Avenue where there is a space dedicated only to the show guests, with a capsule collection designed for this special seasonal occasion.

Now maybe you are aware that there’s a saying that gets uttered around Florence a lot: "non ci sono più le mezze stagioni" implying that the famously pleasant “shoulder seasons” of autumn and spring are a thing of the past.

I’m not sure I quite agree: as I write this, harvest festivals are underway and a distinctly fall feeling is very much in the air, despite the drizzles outside my window-with-a-view (almost as lovely as Lucy Honeychurch’s).

They’re not the cold and blistery drops of long winters, though; they’re the light and subtle showers soothing the pavement and the people after a long and hot summer. Just how I like it!

October brings much to look forward to on the home front in Florence, as well as exciting news abroad, so now it is time for my traditional selection of Tuscan fall highlights.

October is the month of Santa Reparata, the Renaissance city’s co-patron saint (I know what you June visitors are thinking: is it not John the Baptist?). Yes, good old San Giovanni gets more than his just due with a full fireworks show, calcio storico, fanfare and related revelry, but Santa Reparata is not totally forgotten, though her legacy is less celebrated.

She was the city’s main patroness until late medieval times and a Christian martyr who supposedly helped save the city from invading tribes in 406 CE; on October 8th a parade will take place in her honor, followed by a ceremony in the dusty remains of the former cathedral (the Santa Reparata crypt below the current Duomo…now you know where the name comes from!).

Beyond patron saints and parades, October brings a world-class tennis tournament happening in one of Florence’s sporting hubs – the Circolo Tennis Firenze is celebrating its 120th “birthday” with the super-exciting Firenze Tennis Cup, which is bringing tons of new tennis talent to the Tuscan capital from now until October 7th.

A fun fact: the Circolo Tennis Firenze was the first in Italy to let women compete, as early as 1902. My son Gabriele would die to be in Florence right now and yet he is enjoying his sophomore school year between a tennis tournament (USTA!!) and the debating on which college will be interesting in ...wow time flies it was yesterday when he was born.

It’s a fabulous way for sportier types in town to get their “fix", fresh after Corri La Vita runners have reached the finish line. The major breast cancer fundraiser and footrace just wrapped its 2018 edition on Sunday—always a joy to see the crowds of people supporting the cause!

This month I’ll also be ducking out of town on more than a few day trips, as the autumn food festivals and countryside harvests celebrate the bounty and beauty of this time of year. I’m particularly excited to escape to the charming little towns of the Mugello, where the chestnut and new wine festivals in spots ike Marradi have already got my mouth watering. Sorry, pumpkin spice lattes fans, but these are the truest tastes of fall!

See you all very soon in Florence and at the Fall seasonal shows!

Until next time....con affetto....Yours, Jennifer

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