...we are all holding up for a greater good....stay safe!

JENNIFER TATTANELLI - ...we are all holding up for a greater good - Jennifer Tattanelli

Good morning everyone!

How I wish that someone would wake me up saying April fools !!None of this is happening. We can all go out safely and get on with our normal routines!! …I am sure everyone feels the same.

For me doing my small part I have set a goal to speak to all of you through my daily Instagram posts. It is necessary to be active every day now that our lives have been suddenly changed. I have been checking all your daily requests and comments. Thank you!

On my videos I will try to share them with you a little at a time. Please continue contacting me so we can take this little voyage together .. I have a huge TO DO list….so back to work I go.

These are moments when everyone of us can do something that hopefully helps someone else.

I have been assisting people cleaning and reorganizing their wardrobes. Does it seem silly at this time? No never: anything to keep oneself busy and active is always worth it…Lately.

I am learning so many new things simply because I have been spending more time with my millennial colleagues who have been enriching (in a good way) my life with their interests: TicTac or TikTok, Zoom, Webinars…. all their latest tech skills and more.

I seriously hope the younger school age generation will take advantage of these moments and understand that life sometimes can be complicated but with patience the outcome will be OK If we all do our part by taking nothing for granted nor feeling entitled but learning to live life fully, always respecting one another: well then everything will look and be so much better.

Now back to the TO DO lists, I have received some new requests such as:

1) how to clean my closet
2) how to wrap my Pachira Dress
3) how to properly dress in a Zoom (video conference) Meeting session
4) how to make my famous lasagna!! Yes…well I do fashion but I am not that bad in the kitchen either!!
5) What about make up and hair
6) Daily advice to get a routine going at home

One important detail that I cannot stress enough is what shoes to use daily. Her are a few yet effective suggestions:

1) rotate your shoes daily or periodically…do not wear the same shoes for more than one or two days
2) rotate the shoe's height…if you are used to wearing 5 inch heels, keep using them daily….if you go from those to slippers you could get backpains
3) sneakers are good (I love them) but leather sole shoes must be used alternatively…we are women please act accordingly!!

This is the first time I have not included any tips on Florence in my newsletter…Florence is silently waiting for everyone to stroll its streets once again in the near future. Everything will look smashing when the city is back with people (last sanitization was done during the Medici’ age…). ITALY is still one of the most beautiful countries in the world: its art, history, food, culture, fashion cities to only name a few….and we will all rejoin together soon there.

Seeing as most of us are all home I have put together a few quick tips for passing that “sojourn“ with lots to do. Many of you are probably cooking so if you’d like to try quick and simple yet tasty recipes write to: keepmebusy@jennifertattanelli.com we have created a hotline for us all.

Last but not least a prayer for all of you and for all the first responders who are sacrificing and struggling every day for our safety…also you who stay home PLEASE keep staying busy and healthy.

Love to you all.Yours truly,


p.s I liked the idea to show my Ateliers to everyone online so enjoy these virtual tours and spot your favorite item or team member.....simply click on:FIRENZE VIRTUAL TOUR or PALM BEACH VIRTUAL TOUR

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