Tailor Made Outfits That Suit Each Client

Tailor Made Outfits That Suit Each Client

In a world full of trends, it is very hard to stay true to yourself without being judged as unfashionable or distasteful.

There’s a fine line between being original and being poorly dressed.

One’s wardrobe is a powerful means of self-expression, and a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd and brand yourself as different.

Although choosing a wardrobe is individual to every person, who said that you have to do it all by yourself?

Jennnifer Tattanelli has dressed many people like you from head to toe, helping them look the best versions of themselves.

This talented Italian designer has mastered the craft of handmade fashion.  While her style is inspired by her family’s heritage and years of experience in the fashion world, it is also described as original, feminine, flexible and innovative. Her collection is the definition of high-end fashion, featuring a wide range of outfits, bags, shoes, and accessories for both men and women.

Most of her designs incorporate Italian leather and the highest-quality
materials, like Cashmere, noble fibers, cotton and wool, all inspired by the beautiful city of Florence.

In her own words: “a family business that, year after year, is trying to keep our artisans well-trained and ready to take any project. That is a challenge!”

What we’re dealing with here is a case of “Italian craftsmanship”; everything that has to do with the smallest of details, breathtaking style, amazing finishing, and the best leather in the world!

These skilled artisans pour their hearts into designing each piece; the very reason why Italians are known for their fashion heritage.

What makes Jennifer Tattanelli’s brand stand out is that she offers her clients the option to have a customized outfit.

In other words, you get to be her muse as she dresses you in the
best possible fashion. Jennifer listens to her clients’ needs and wants, while also suggesting what’s best for them.

She acknowledges all body shapes and personalities and works her way around them while highlighting the assets to be embraced and discreetly hiding any unflattering parts.

A design by Jennifer will make you radiate elegance and sophistication, all while staying true to yourself and your own style. That way, you can pull off a signature look while also wearing the best hand-crafted designs.

Jennifer Tattanelli has an online store as well as multiple physical stores in Italy and the United States. You can book an appointment with her for a custom-made design or a styling session.

Whether it’s for a special event or just a new makeover, Jennifer will address your fashion needs and design the most authentic piece, just for you.

At the end of the day, each person should be able to express and embrace what makes him or her unique.

That’s what fashion and art are for.

Visit Jennifer Tattanelli’s website at https://jennifertattanelli.it/ and book your appointment today.

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