Summer please do not go so fast!!

Summer please do not go so fast!!

Happy 4th of July!!!

After an amazing Italian and Greece wonderful inspiring trip, I spent a wonderful time in the Hamptons, my home also!! The Hamptons with its wonderful colors is always a never-ending source of inspiration. New colors shoes, new bags, hats, the iconic t-shirt and the JT jewels collection…..:  have you seen all the news on my Instagram?

Soon also JT app will be ready for you to be also updated with JT world!

Our JT personal shopper Grace is there to help you with a personal shopper service and the best advices!

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July went as fast as the FLASH!!...from Florence to the Hamptons, now few days back in Palm Beach for my son school start (and before you ask me...Palm Beach in August is not as warm as people fear...if you all survived the heat wave in Europe visiting my Bella Firenze, you can enjoy the 90' here with the ocean breeze) and then back to the Hamptons for the final weeks leading us to Labor Day.

The Atelier on 123 Main Street led by our super duo Catalina and Lilly, is booming and everyone is enjoying the new Main Street in Westhampton Beach where finally we have many restaurant options to choose from!!

Fauna, Flora, Daphne's, Pizzetteria Brunetti, Haskell's Seafood Market (have you tried their fresh Tuna?...mouthwatering)  and many more. The Cinderella of the Hamptons is coming back to its glamour where in the 90' was the busiest night closed ti New York. Well we did not get back the music but the good food for now!! Bella Firenze

I will be soon back in Florence in September, let’s talk about it! What’s going on in Piazza Pitti?

Summer temperatures are sizzling; however, Florence’s atmosphere is as chilled as always! Relaxed hang-out spots by the river pack with people looking to enjoy the breeze of the evening, and the towers, fortresses, and historic gates of the city are open for the season (check out While it’s not advised to be too active during the middle of the day (make the most of the enforced break by picking up a spritz somewhere special!), there’s certainly plenty to do before and afterward to soak up the summer vibes of the city, and you can always take refuge in one of the many museums when it gets too hot to wander around!

An exhibition you won’t want to miss is Nico Vascellari’s MELMA at Forte Belvedere. Climb to the city’s 16th-century fortress to experience his diverse oeuvre, ranging from video to sculpture and collage. Themes include the complex relationship between humanity and nature, and his unique works are made all the more memorable by the incredible backdrop of the ancient stones and the city laid out below.  

Outdoor cinema is an annual highlight as film screens pop up in front of some of Florence’s main monuments like the Museo Novecento, Piazzale degli Uffizi, Manifattura Tabacchi, and Villa Bardini. You’ll even find Cinema Tascabile’s ‘portable film truck’ driving around the suburbs until August 10 if you fancy exploring some of the city’s surroundings.

One of my favorite August traditions is the Night of Falling Stars. Taking place on August 10, it’s a celebration for San Lorenzo, with Piazza San Lorenzo the obvious choice for festivities. It’s usually the perfect time of the month to see shooting stars, but the date has another significance: Saint Lorenzo was a religious martyr who is said to have formed the shape of shooting stars as he was dying on the embers. To mark the occasion, check out Villa Vogel in via Canova, a little outside the center, where you can enjoy a carousel and free watermelon for everyone, as well as a puppet show for little ones!

On to Tuscan tastes! Seasonal eating is always best, taking advantage of what’s fresh and bountiful. Fried zucchini flowers are a super easy recipe: just take the fresh flowers and fry them! In a little more detail, you need to wash the flowers well once you’ve removed the stems and pistils, leaving them to dry on a cloth. Dip them in two battered eggs, 100 grams of flour, and half a glass of beer if you feel inclined, frying them in seed oil and salting them once ready.

I hope you all have an amazing August!



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