Stay with me for a new season ahead...look at the new Leather Boots collection

Jennifer Tattanelli - Stay with me for a new season ahead... - Jennifer Tattanelli

Autumn is here and brings with it gloriously crisp walks through fallen leaves, embracing all the wonderful colors of the season.

It’s time for cozy jumpers again and evenings spent admiring the city as it takes on its autumnal hue...and I can finally start to wear my stretch suede boots!!


Here in the Hamptons you can feel the difference in the air, I have never been here before (after Labor Day I was leaving for Florence like many of you) and I must say the nature on the Island is impressive, a sense o peace after the crowded summer that fill my soul.

I will enjoy my time here for few more weeks, then I will move back to Palm Beach, the store is ready and the new windows are just what I needed for showing the new collection!!


I must apologize for all the seasonal shows guests, we will skip the shows in New York, Minneapolis and Chicago. The travel bans are still in effect so we will take this gap season to stay safe, shop locally and virtually and getting ready for the new adventures and trips to come!

I do see that many of you like the virtual stylist session, it is time to cheers up together and see how to fill any new needs you may have for your social distant attire!!


Now flying back to Florence, at least with our imagination, something else very much worth admiring this month are the magnificent photographs by Massimo Sestini to be found up at Forte Belvedere. The shots were taken from 2000 feet above ground as the Prato-born photographer riskily hung out of helicopters to capture the amazing works. The photographs are blown up to an enormous 5 meters by 3 meters and feel like floating above the city. These are about to take off on a world tour, representing Tuscany to the world, but you can see them here first! On display until October 31, you won’t be disappointed.

Beyond the excitement around this new exhibition, there is some other good news in Florence – air pollution is down by 20 per cent, a remarkable effect credited to the opening of two new tram lines and increased electrical transport and hybrid buses....well without considering the long lockdown we endured.

Keeping things green, another wonderful aspect to October is that while the temperatures have dropped from the high temperatures that lasted through until September, there is still a lovely light in the evenings, meaning it’s the ideal time to explore more of Tuscany.

One great way to do so is to take part in one of the 22 urban trekking routes organized as part of Artigianato & Aperitivo, a series of walks that allows you to discover artisan workshops and the historic centers of seven Tuscan cities, each event followed by an aperitivo to toast the marvels of Tuscany. You need to sign up to Unicoop to take part in the guided tours.

Another option is EatPrato Walking, taste walks held every weekend until the end of October that blend history, culture, art and flavors.

However, if you can’t catch one of the guided tours, feel free to set off on your own similar adventure whenever you’d like!

Exploring the city virtually is always an option too as the Uffizi Gallery excel with their range of virtual exhibitions, making sure art is accessible even if not everyone can be physically present just yet. The Hypervisions Virtual Exhibition series are 3D tours focusing on particular themes, such as ‘Worn by the Gods’, dedicated to shoemaking in the ancient world through to epic films and contemporary fashion. Their Facebook and TikTok! pages are constantly updated with entertaining art snippets, making sure we all get our daily dose of culture.

The fact that the Uffizi Gallery is home to the most precious and largest Renaissance art collection in the world never fails to amaze me, making time spent delving into its treasures endlessly fascinating.


Plenty to discover this month! And some positive news to kick off the month on a good note.


With love, yours....



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