Spring here I come...Firenze you are next stop!!

Spring here I come...Firenze you are next stop!!

Hello, my dear friends! 

Here I am again, expressing my thoughts, ideas and insights about my little world. I’m excited to share my monthly newsletter with you and take you on my spring journey, which starts today! Well it starts on the 21st for everyone else do not worry!!

For me, spring is the season of blessings. As nature regains its powers, so do we, and as everything comes back to life, our dreams do as well. Don’t you agree?

Now, before we go into details, I’ll let you know what’s been going on at @JenniferTattanelli this past month and update you on the freshest news. 

I hope you’re excited, because I sure am! 

Before I start sharing my thoughts with you, I’d like to remind you of the pro tip you’re about to receive at the ending section of every newsletter. As I’ve promised, you’ll all be rewarded with a monthly fashion tip for as long as you remain subscribed. 🙌🏼

PS: I’m always open to new ideas, especially when they come from you! If you want me to touch on certain topics, offer my insights on specific fashion events, situations, or simply share more hands-on knowledge in the domain, just let me know. You can send me a message on Instagram or via email, and I’ll make sure to include your suggestions in the next newsletter. As always, your opinion is extremely important to me. 

Now, let’s spill the tea!


Shoes, Shoes, Shoes..

In case you didn’t notice - February was aaaall about shoes! I even opened a ONLY shoes Atelier after all!!

After all, why wouldn’t it be? Shoes give an outfit meaning. They tell the story of taste, one’s artistic sense, and dictate the entire direction of an outfit. Someone said: : “Never underestimate the power of a shoe.” - and I couldn’t agree more! 

As my spring collection took off last month, you can imagine I’ve had plenty of busy days going on. From daily styling sessions, to online inquiries and day-to-day operations, everything was packed. Still, no matter how busy life gets, we must always find a balance between work and our own personal needs. Time spent doing nothing can prove to be a productive choice, just as time spent taking care of yourself away from the office can help you get back on track feeling refreshed. 

In my case, my offices are my Ateliers, and that’s where I’m spending my days. Still, I always try to take Sundays off and reset for the next week. This habit has helped me tame the chaos and the overload of work, all while keeping me in the best parameters. 

Now, enough about me, and back to shoes! The spring collection of 2022 brings forth more than fifty new styles and colors, all customizable! If you ever feel like something looks right, but just isn’t for you, that’s a challenge I’ll gladly take on! In fact, I love to tailor any fashion piece so that it fits each and every individual the best way. After all, isn’t that what a fashion designer is supposed to do?

After you’ve carefully picked the best style for you, it’s time to put your pair of shoes to a good use! Most often then not, people buys different clothing items and forget to wear them. What a waste! Well, not in this case. If you want to use your newest shoes to their full potential, you’ll have to plan some outfits ahead. That’s right! Knowing where and how you’ll wear certain items will make you more prone to actually take them out on a walk. Think of your favorite go-to item - whenever you don’t know what to wear, you just dress up in that backup combo and put on the same old shoes, only to promise yourself again that next time you’ll come up with something more creative. 

Therefore, I challenge you to take on a new habit: go for a new pair of shoes, as you should, but with one exception! You have to plan an outfit that matches them right away! And, if you went through with it, make sure to post a picture and tag me. I can’t wait to see what you came up with! 

Long Island, The Hamptons, Florence, Palm Beach..

Let’s talk about the ateliers! Whether you’re from Florence, Westhampton, Long Island or Palm Beach, or anywhere in the world, I’m awaiting you for a visit to one of the ateliers. 

Why? Because they’re my world, my vision, my creation place. Stepping in, you’ll feel the emotions I go through each and every day to create and come up with unique items that speak for the people who wear them. For this reason, I’m expecting you in each and every one of them! Let the beautiful styling sessions begin, where we match clothes, colors, and textures.

And while you’re in these cities, I’d love to invite you to some events and make sure you have the best time ever. Who’s ready to be out and about this March? Let’s see!

  • Are you into antiques? I hope so! In Palm Beach, there is a huge antique festival happening at the South Florida Fairgrounds. Well the endless events list in Palm Beach would take 10 pages...so if you are in Palm Beach just write to me or stop by the Ateliers and I will share with you the latest and coolest happenings. Just to mention: the Opera season at the Kravis Center is back in full...Carmen and Elixir of Love were sublime and I am looking forward to The Merry Widow on March 25th.

  • But let’s see what’s happening in Florence as well! This beautiful city of mine seems to be active all of the time, with so many events and activities going on! If you’re a fan of music, there is a Maluma concert happening on the 19th! However, if you’re more of a theatre type of person, Family Affair in Firenze is on at Teatro Cantiere Florida on the 3rd of March! Carnevale events just ended last week, so now we have just to sit tight and wait for the coming Holidays with all the events and great delicacies to eat!!

If you decide to join me or explore these wonderful cities, make sure to inquire me at customerservice@jennifertattanelli.com and we can either do something fun together, like a styling session, or look for tailored experiences in the atelier for you! Sorry almost forgot...in Florence (and Rome and Venice....) and now also in Palm Beach, if you like to ask me any travel tip for accommodations or places to eat you know I am glad to share with you my favorite' spots. So far none has neve been disappointed!!


I am a woman of my word, and since this should be the last part of my March newsletter, you know what’s coming next! 

The tip of the month is..

How to Keep your Shoes Looking Spotless All the Time

Keep your Jennifer Tattanelli leather shoes well maintained by storing them with care in the cloth bag they come with. Do not wrap them in plastic bags or else, plastic will not the shoes breathe while sitting in your closet and my natural tanned skins will not be happy about it!!

Please DO NOT spray the shoes with anything (unless is your Chanel N.5....😇), leather is weather proof by default since like our skin.

A rainy day cannot be the perfect weather for your new suede pumps, however if you got caught in the rain when you get home, fill the shoes with newspaper pages (well if you are full digital, any wrapping paper will do) and let them dry away from heating sources.

When they are dry, gently brush away any dust or else.

Now...if you spill oil, wine or else....poor BABY POWDER immediately on your suede shoes and let it absorb the stain. Gently brush away the baby powder and repeat if the stain has not been absorbed completely.

So please remember, my skins are naturally tanned, s you can have a softer leather and a more natural colors. Anything you spray on will just make the leather stiffer and the color will change. You can do this if you cannot resist...just do not tell me!!

Now, I’d love to invite you to join me and my team at Jennifer Tattanelli! Come and be a part of our lovely fashion community that’s growing everyday more and more. Stay updated with the latest fashion trends, outfit ideas, fashion news, and more!

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Keep designing and crafting for you all...Yours,


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