Plus Size Fashion

Plus Size Fashion

Fashion trends have long shunned people who just happen to be overweight. Nowadays, it’s no longer about being overweight because different body types are getting shunned as well. While fashion may stand on your side today, tomorrow it might not. Back in the 20th century, you could pull off a body without curves, mostly because fashion back then was all about low-rise jeans and short tank tops. Today, however, people like the Kardashians made curves the new normal. If your waist isn’t at least half the size of your hips, then your body is out of proportion to most modern-day outfits.

Fashion can be bittersweet at times, but a new beginning is upon us. A stepping stone, if you will, towards body positivity and self-acceptance. Social media is standing up for body-shamed individuals, and people are now starting to accept and appreciate their beauty no matter their body size.

Jennifer Tattanelli is an Italian fashion brand that acknowledges size as nothing more than a mere number. This brand doesn’t just cover a wide range of sizes, it also makes sure to give each body the best look possible. Here is how this talented designer from Florence is embracing all body types, and striving to make sure her designs look good on basically anyone:

-The right materials: Yes, materials matter! The right materials will transform your overall image. Quality and type are huge factors when it comes to choosing the right fabric, and so are position and composition. Jennifer uses leather and suede in parts of the piece where she wants to accentuate the shape, and tones down other areas of the body with soft fabrics like satin, cashmere, and cotton. Fact that all her materials are high-end and carefully chosen, it’s almost guaranteed that they will hide certain undergarment lines and cellulite.

-The right style: Jennifer’s designs are known for their straight cuts, draping fabric, and vertical cuts such as princess seams, asymmetrical and A-line styles. These styles are all about body positivity, and they suit all body types, making them look their absolute best.

-No outfit is ever complete without the perfect pair of shoes: Shoes are your best friends, and they should look good on everyone. They’re probably the first thing that people notice with a quick glance, and they do a great job at shifting the focus away from areas you are insecure about. Jennifer knows the importance of a perfectly designed pair of shoes. Straight from Florence, her brand designs high-end, hand-crafted shoes using the highest quality materials, especially leather, in Italy. She focuses on design and comfort equally, while also offering a variety of options for her clients.

-The perfect bag size: It’s true that the size of your bag should be proportional to your own. Not only will a larger bag conveniently fit all your belongings, but it will also make you look more petite. Large size bags are a huge part of Jennifer’s beautiful collection.

-Tailor-made outfits: Nothing would suit you better than an outfit that is tailor-made just for you. You can book an appointment with Jennifer Tattanelli today, and have her design a one-of-a-kind outfit that fits your style and body type.

Your body size should never limit your options. The moment you embrace and accept your body, life will become so much easier. Visit Jennifer’s shop today at, and get ready to look your absolute best.  

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