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Good morning!!


Just arrived in Palm Beach for a new season together, well as for many of you there is no international traveling this Fall. I am comfortable in flying for 2 or 3 hours while I will wait just a bit more for the longer flights...we will get there soon I am sure.


Yesterday I early voted for the first time in Florida, well it is not that bad to wait in line (for 5 minutes...) with 85 degrees!! So please remember to vote today and tomorrow!! Then another election will be gone and we will all move forward adjusting to this new season.


For the first time ever in 22 years I had to cancel the Fall-Winter show in New York, I must admit it was not a simple decision to make even tough the feeling that we are all safe avoiding large gatherings and the virtual stylist session I am having with all of you are cheering me up even from distance. I will be back with the shows schedule possibly in the Spring and not to forget, the new Atelier in Woodbury Village (7915 Jericho Turnpike - Woodbury NY 11797) will open as well in stay tuned!!


While in Florence events have largely returned online given the increased restrictions recently and the closure of cinemas and theaters. However, that doesn’t mean we’re left with nothing to do as museums and exhibitions remain open.


One particularly magnificent show is Raphael and the return of the Medici Pope at Palazzo Pitti that gives an extensively detailed look at the restoration of one of Raphael’s best-known masterpieces, the 'Portrait of Pope Leo X with Cardinals Giulio de' Medici and Luigi de 'Rossi', on display until January 31. With vibrant reds and rich fabrics (that have influenced even my wardrobe choices recently!), there’s plenty of information available on the Uffizi Galleries website that hones in on all the details if you can’t make the exhibition in person.


There are also plenty of film fests streamable online so we can catch some cinematic excellence from the comfort of our own homes. Lo Schermo dell’Arte is a contemporary art and cinema festival that takes place from November 10-14. All of the 30 films on the programme will be made available on the Più Compagnia platform.


Equally, don’t miss the Festival dei Popoli international documentary film fest from November 15-22 that will see top quality documentaries from all over the world go head to head for prestigious awards. There’s nothing better than cozying up with a mug of something warm in your hands and becoming engrossed in a riveting film. I can’t wait!


Another wonderful stress reliever is most certainly cooking. And what better time to get stuck into some delicious recipes than autumn when the seasonal products are simply divine. Some top Italian recipes for the season are risotto and Tuscan delicacies like mushrooms, chestnuts and truffles that can be used in a myriad of ways to create hearty, comforting meals that are perfect for the colder, darker evenings.


Fill your dishes with flavor by adding any of these seasonal ingredients, like a chunky ragu or ravioli, or why not add an Italian twist to your Thanksgiving meal by making Cappellacci di Zucca, called “little hats” because of the shape of the pasta and made with the quintessential autumnal product, pumpkin.


I’ve read that Italians are said to eat an average of 23 kg of pasta a year, compared to a mere 8kg annually in the US. Something for us to aspire to!...I have tried recently a white whole wheat flour for masking fresh pasta, give it a try is healthier and tastier!!


It’s time to seek inspiration and the things that give us joy this November. I’m a firm believer that culture does just that, and equally, spending our time on activities that nurture our soul and remind us of what’s important.


With love, yours....




p.s I liked the idea to show my Ateliers to everyone online so enjoy these virtual tours and spot your favorite item or team member.....simply click on: FIRENZE VIRTUAL TOUR or PALM BEACH VIRTUAL TOUR

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