Now that you are back in Florence....what about a new leather jacket?

Now that you are back in Florence....what about a new leather jacket?

My dear friends and followers,

we’re at the beginning of May, so I’m back with yet another newsletter for all of you who enjoy occasional updates about my journey as a fashion designer, insights from the mundane, and why not, the tips-and-tricks I like to give out to my loyal followers. 

April has been good to us, and I’m not just talking about business. The weather here in Palm Beach doesn’t cease to amaze, yet there’s always one thing that stays on my mind, wherever I go, whatever I do - Firenze! 

To me, my beautiful home city is not just a place, but a feeling. Thinking about it makes me miss it even more, so it’s safe to assume that my feelings will never fade away. After all, you can’t forget your first love, right?

Between my never-ending travels, which I’ll take more about in a minute, and my personal time, there’s always a gap I’m trying to fill: designing and crafting more! 

For this reason, commuting for work won’t stop anytime soon. In fact, there’s more to come, as I’ll be moving back to Florence soon then the Hamptons. I’m hoping for an amazing, bewildering summer for all of us! 

Now, let’s do updates! The atelier in Florence is doing SUPER and I’m glad to see it filled with joyful customers and excited staff, as they usually are. Therefore, I’ll be joining them at the end in few weeks.

So, if you’re in the neighborhood, I’d love to help you create a beautiful experience in Florence, from visiting around, to enjoying the good old pizza and then stopping by the Atelier to complete your holiday look in style! 

In fact, let’s talk about it! Let’s plan a trip together, then chat about the Hamptons and the event we’ve all been waiting for: Mother’s Day. Here we go!

Plan Your Summer in Italy - Learn About the Food, the Fashion, and the Vibes of Florence

You know I always mumble around about the lovely life I have back home, in Florence. However, I figured that instead of trying to explain it through words, I could describe it through experiences you ought to try this summer. Then, you’ll let me know if I was right all along.

If you find yourself planning a trip to Florence this summer, or simply want to learn more about the Italian lifestyle and catch a glimpse of what summer in Europe looks like, you’re in the right place. I’ll teach you how to eat like an Italian, how to shop like a fashionista and how to get around the city like a local. Let’s see!

If the packed events calendar is anything to go back, Florence is back booming with happenings all over the place. Something that particularly struck me is the new arrival of Florence’s very first flying festival, Festival del Volo, that will set the city soaring from May 13-15. Taking place at Ultravox in the Cascine Park, there will be hot air balloon flights and meetings with pilots among the many activities that will bring us all sky high! 

Temperatures in May are usually glorious as we’ve yet to reach the high degrees of the summer and can stroll around at ease, soaking up the sunshine. While out and about, take a look at some of the new exhibitions that launch this month, including Sammy Baloji at Palazzo Pitti and Alfonso Femia at Museo Novecento.

On that topic, did you know that there’s free entrance to state museums every first Sunday of the month for all visitors? And civic museums are included in the free-entry scheme for residents of Florence. So, make sure to mark down May or June 1 for a spot of culture!

In terms of news, last month it was announced that the Uffizi was the most popular museum in Italy in 2021, as published in the Il Giornale dell’Artenewspaper! It doesn’t come as much surprise that it’s high on the national list, but it’s a point of pride to see it surpass the Colosseum and Vatican museums for the first (although we adore them too!). Among the most popular exhibitions in Italy, Florence appeared several times, with Giuseppe Penone’s Alberi in versiand Leone X torna a Firenze shown at Palazzo Pitti among those in the top five.

Where, What, How to eat and drink in Florence?

We’re just about to head into Spritz season (not that it goes out of style any time of year really!), when you’ll catch many folks sitting outside cafés and restaurants, saying "Cin Cin" with a brightly colored Aperol cocktail, ice clinking to toast the great vibes in the city.

But, if you’re looking to be more loyal to Florence, go for a Negroni! It actually originated here in the 1910s, with today’s combination of Gin, Campari Bitter and Red Vermouth here for our sipping pleasure thanks to Count Camillo Negroni who asked to add gin to his Americano while on a visit to his local bar.

I’m always looking to expand my dinner recipes so this month I’m hoping to work on my Torta Salata (savory pie), experimenting with vegetables and dressings. I’ve found it’s a true treat when made with parmigiano reggiano and caramelized onions! It just takes flour, butter, egg yolk and your filling to put together a memorable meal.

Italy is famous for two things: pizza and pasta. However, while in Florence you will have endless temptations; where and how you eat those is what makes the difference. I have been shared with you over the years my favorites place that I consider my "extended kitchen". So these are not restaurants these are little gems where you have a great food and service and a smile with it (and if they do not smile please let me know...and I am not kidding about it!!): 

👉 Trattoria Garga (ask for Niccolo): full service restaurant in a colorful style

👉 Gusta Pizza: quick bite, no pizza at 9 euros😂😂

👉 Trattoria De' Pitti (the former JT Caffè): they have just re-opened

     and I must say, I have been impressed with the food and warm welcome

PS: A real Italian eats their pizza with their hands and not with silverware! Don’t worry about getting a little messy :) Pick a slice, fold it in the middle and bite!

How to Shop in Style in Florence?

Call me subjective, but I know a great place to shop for all leather, high-quality fabrics and a rich Italian Style in Piazza de' Pitti: my atelier

If you want to embrace the Italian fashion and look like a local, you’ll have to be ready to put on some leather jackets, a lovely cotton dress, some fancy shoes and just the basic accessories: belts and simple jewelries. 

Dressed up with these outfits, you’ll definitely be mistaken for an Italian. The only thing you need is a motorcycle to get around, and off you go! 

If you need more help getting around Florence, creating some go-to outfits to fit in with the Italian style, or simply want to get inspired, contact me at and let’s get your outfits ready!

Mother’s Day - Need Help Picking Last Minute Gifts?

Mother’s Day is around the corner! 🎉

I know I love and adore my mommy, who’s been next to me  since day one, literally! As such, I’m happy to have an official day to celebrate her efforts and input over the years, and that will be on the 8th of May. Personally, I’ll take this day to congratulate and show my appreciation towards all the women in my life, from my family members, to my friends and my colleagues, and remind them all that being a woman is a blessing, truly.

If you find yourself approaching this day with no idea whatsoever about how to thank the women in your life for all their love and support, I might have just what you’re looking for! 

Simple fashion pieces like silky or cashmere scarfs, wallets, purses or even a golf-ball holder - they can all make a big difference on the day and make them feel valued and loved.

If you need help picking a gift, speeding up the shipping, or you’ve ran out of ideas and started to panic, take a moment and inhale deeply - I’ve got this!

How? Simply text me on any of my social medias or the email provided above, and we’ll figure out a way to make that special day count for the women in your life. 💖 


Now, we’ve approached the end of our May newsletter, so you know what’s next - the tip of the month! Since a deal is a deal, here it is..

 Elevate Your Look with a Simple Catch

Have you ever created a perfect outfit in your head, only to try it on before the event and be completely disappointed of how it looks outside your mind? 

The struggle is real, but I’m here to save the day! Oftentimes, there’s nothing wrong with what you’ve planned ahead, it’s just that it needs a little accessory to elevate the look. 

My tip? Have a belt ready to go or a cardigan around at all times! I know it doesn’t sound like a groundbreaking advice, but trust me, once you understand the power of simple accessories that can transform your look completely, you’ll get what I’m talking about. 

Let’s say you put on a dress but you don’t feel good in your skin wearing it. My suggestion? Try on a belt around the wait, then adjust the dress around it. Chances are you’ll look stunning in 3-2-1! 

Perhaps you’ve got a simple outfit going on, with a pair of jeans and sneakers, but feel way too casual. Add a cardigan! There’s rarely an occasion where cardigans don’t fit and add extra spark to your look. Plus, they keep you cozy and somehow manage to lock in just the right temperature, no matter the weather. They’re magic, and so are belts!

Now, I’d love to invite you to join me and my team at Jennifer Tattanelli! Come and be a part of our lovely fashion community that’s growing everyday more and more. Stay updated with the latest fashion trends, outfit ideas, fashion news, and more!

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Here’s to making the most of May! While I keep designing and crafting for you all...Yours,



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