My Thoughts on February....on Worth Avenue

My Thoughts on February....on Worth Avenue

Hello everyone! 

It’s been over a month since I’ve shared my thoughts with you, so here I am, writing an update on everything that’s going on in my life and at @JenniferTattanelli.

Are you excited? Spoiler: there’s a lot going on! 

Before we dive deep into the freshest news, I’d like to establish a new good practice. From now on, I’ll reward my dearest friends and followers with tips-and-tricks from the fashion industry at the end of every newsletter. If you’re curious to see what it’s about, stick with me, as I’ll explore the top subjects first and the valuable tips afterwards.

PS: If you’d like to ask me any questions or propose any topic of discussion, feel free to contact me and I’ll make sure to touch on the proposed topics at the first opportunity. Here we go!

New Year, New Collection, New Me

First thing first - Happy New Year! 🎊 How’s 2022 going so far? 

I know it seems like a belated wish, but great beginnings are not bound by time - they just magically happen and change our lives for the better. Therefore, if you feel like starting fresh in February, so be it. I sure do! 

Why am I saying that? Well, as January went by, I kept my focus on the ateliers and the well-being of all the locations, as well as my dear family. Little insight - everything is going great! However, until recently, I haven’t got the chance to present you all with my freshest project: The Jennifer Tattanelli Collection for 2022! 

With over 100 new styles and colors, I’ve created a complete collection to satisfy all preferences. Now, all these carefully crafted items are coming into my ateliers just as we speak, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shop online, especially if you looooove the comfort of your own home(

Honestly, I’ve poured my heart and soul into crafting and designing a beautiful collection that I hope will inspire you just as much as it inspires me. Going through each item, you’ll feel the story behind its creation, because there’s a lot to tell! As I was designing the pieces, I made sure to use high-quality leather and fabric, combine all parts perfectly, to the finest angle. 

The colors I chose are mostly pastel, as I was going for elegant, evergreen pieces that can stand the test of time. When you combine the items, you’ll see what I see: a complementary outfit that speaks louder than words. The story it tells is taste, elegance, and an attention to detail. To me, the outfit I wear is the greatest way of standing out from the crowd. How about you?

About My Lovely "Bella Firenze"

Nothing sparks a light in my heart more than hearing about my Bella Firenze! The thought of home warms me up and gives me the motivation I need, just like with everyone that feels a little homesick. For all of you that are planning a trip to this amazing city, or are already living there, I'd suggest checking out the “Art in Florence” event at Galeria360 Arte Contemporanea Firenze which starts on the 4th of February and lasts for the entire month.

Moreover, you can join the Teatro Della Pergola, as they’re having numerous plays throughout the entire month! Once you’ve spent your dream day in the city, I’ll be waiting for you at my atelier in Piazza de’ Pitti, where you can also get a sight of the city and enjoy a well-deserved Prosecco. 

Let’s see each other soon, healthier and happier than ever!

What Happens in Palm Beach, Stays in Palm Beach, Unless You Want to Join

You all know by now that I’m currently in Palm Beach, working and designing for all my ateliers from this lovely island. As such, let me tell you about some of the most intriguing experiences you can encounter here, and how you can make the most out of your time if you decide to join me in the sunny state. 

If you like the Opera, please join me in celebrating the Palm Beach Opera 60th anniversary. I saw last Friday probably for the countless time "Carmen", needless to say it was breathtaking. Coming soon "The Elixir of Love" and in March "The Merry Widow". 

Although February is the shortest month of all, the island is fully packed and ready to give you the best time once you arrive. The West Palm SeaFood Festival is scheduled to take place on the 12th, while the 19th edition of The Palm Beach Show will take place on the 17th. If you’re into fancy food and the luxurious vibes, this is the place to be this month.

Speaking of events, Valentine's Day is right around the corner! If you love this festive day, cheers to you! If your date this year is your bestie, grab her and join the Galentine’s Picnic Brunch in the downtown area. Still, this year everybody should dress up, regardless of their status, because clothes are made to be worn and felt by you, not others. 

So, if you want to make a statement and simply dress up for the occasion, ladies and gentleman, I’ve got you covered! Brunch, chilling, dating, and whatnot - taste and refinement are the universal truths we stand by. 

Art or Fashion - How About Both?

Am I a designer? Yes! Am I an artist? Yes! Am I whatever I want to be? You’ve guessed it! 

Art and fashion have been going hand in hand since day one for me. Through art, I create fashion, and vice versa. As such, I was thrilled to be part of the Kyle Lucks Fine Art Exhibition - It All Began With a Pair of Shoes and present my new jewelry collection on the same occasion. Everything took place on January 13th, but it all feels like yesterday. 

I hope you all got a chance to be there, either physically or through social media, and feel the magic vibes that we shared. If not, you shouldn’t worry, as the year has just started and we’ll be hosting many more beautiful experiences and creating new memories together. 


Promises must be kept, and since I made one at the beginning of this article, let’s finish in style. 

The tip of the month is..

How to Maintain a Leather Jacket over a Long Period of Time

Keep your Jennifer Tattanelli jacket well maintained by always hanging it on a padded hanger, ensuring that it doesn’t have any folds that could cause a crease.

After it gets wet on a rainy day, make sure to dry it the first thing when you get home, but keep it away from direct heat sources. Again, use a padded hanger for optimum results. Keep your jacket away from heat to avoid brittles and cracks.

For your Nappa Lined Jacket, you can also opt for a good skin cream (Yes! Anything light you’d use on your skin can work on a nappa side jacket).

The leather conditioners available on the market can be full of chemicals that your naturally tanned jacket will not absorb completely!

However, for a Supple Reversible Suede Jacket, simply pour some baby powder on it, leave it overnight, then brush it off gently with a suede brush.

Lastly, to join all of us at Jennifer Tattanelli, become part of my fashion community and stay updated, make sure to subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook(If you haven’t already).

See you all very soon!! With Love....yours,


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