Let this be a pilot

Let this be a pilot
Go To Post     Let this be a pilot for a weekly series: Tuesdays in the ateliers - what a fun way to present my work to you all. 🙌 Every Tuesday, we'll be exploring a little bit behind the scenes from my world. Today I want to talk about the process of creating this fall collection. 🙏 It starts with inspiration - lots of it! I'm always on the lookout for new ideas and inspiration - whether that's through my travels or the styling sessions with all of you. When I see something that really speaks to me, I take it back to my studio and start sketching out ideas for how to incorporate some of those elements into an entirely new piece. 💡 Then it's time to get working! The best part of designing is seeing your ideas come alive on paper with pencil marks and transferring them over into leather, fabric and thread - it's magical! It's also such a great feeling when someone likes what you've made enough that they want you to make something just like it again - this time in their size! 🤩 Secondly, I want to say that creating a collection is not always easy. There are days when it feels like everything is going wrong and days when it feels like nothing could be better! But in the end, it always works out because there's something about this creative process that keeps me coming back for more. 💖 Then came the challenge: how do we make these two materials work together? Check out my last post for an idea, and stay tuned for more to come! 👀🎉...keep designing and crafting for you all...@jennifertattanelli . . . . #fashion #shoes #fashionbrand #palmbeach #florida #worthavenue #fashiondesigner #italianbrand #Italy #Florence #NewYork #JenniferTattanelli #dress #onlineshopping #fashionateliers #clothingbrand #womenfashion #behindthescenes #summerjacket #fashionstyle #falldecor #ecofriendly #outfitinspiration #outfit #fall2022 #fallboots #fallfashion #leatherboots #leatherjacket
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