Let Jennifer Tattanelli Dress You From Head To Toe

Let Jennifer Tattanelli Dress You From Head To Toe

As much as we all love to be fashionable, we sometimes underestimate how hard it is to dress well.

It can be a little overwhelming when you have to color coordinate all the time
and decide whether to go fancy or casual.

While this sense of fashion is intrinsic to many, not everyone can pull it off, and clothing stores don’t help at all in that regard. In order to end up with a matching outfit, you’d have to get a shirt from one store, the pants from
another, and the shoes from a third. Talk about fashion frustration!

Jennifer Tattanelli knows the dilemma you’re in, and she’s here to help dress you from head to toe.

While this Florence-based brand is sophisticated, it also has a modern twist to it, with the Italian flair written all over it.

Jennifer Tattanelli is a designer, a modern businesswoman, a true lady with style. She founded her own fashion line for both men and women. Not only
does Jennifer design some of the best outfits and jackets, but her wide selection of bags, shoes, and accessories also have an exquisite fashion taste to them.

Her Clothes: Her brand can be described with three words: simplicity, elegance, and comfort. Her designs are made for modern-day adults who lead busy lives and want to look their best while feeling comfortable.

Jennifer Tattanelli uses minimalistic patterns and shapes, immersed with neutral colors, which are elegant, and at the same time, easy to match.

Size is also something Jennifer never overlooks. She wants her brand to be accessible for as many people as possible, which is why she focuses on having a wide range of sizes and exclusively offers unique services such as: Made to order, Custom Made, and Bespoke.

Her Jackets: Jennifer uses only the highest quality leather skins and fabrics to design her trend-setting, clean-cut jackets. She even designs the fabric on the inside with careful detail, using high-end textiles that feel good on the skin.

Her shoes: The shoes themselves are designed by highly-skilled Florentine craftsmen, who are known for their clean stitching and their comfortable molds. As for the designs, they fit any occasion, formal and informal.

Her bags: From clutches to pouches, from shoulder bags to briefcases, you can literally find any type of bag you want, all designed with Jennifer’s signature style, and made with simplistic design and high-quality material.

Her accessories: Her belts, wallets, and leather bracelets are all made with a minimalistic touch and the highest quality leather in Florence.

Customized clothing: If that’s not enough, Jennifer also offers a personalized exclusive design for her clients.

With a brand like Jennifer Tattanelli, looking great is no longer out of the picture. Check out her summer collection at https://jennifertattanelli.it/

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