Jennifer Tattanelli - Spring is coming..

Jennifer Tattanelli - Spring is coming..

Dear all,

I have just landed in Florence after a quick fashion shows tour in Europe.

It feels always great to be back home and as extra reward an enjoyable weather leading us to a new Spring.

You have probably seen on the latest Instagram posts my dancing skills improvements while I am getting ready for the Cancer Alliance Dance Night Gala and fundraising on April 6th.

Please make a small donation to support  support many families who cannot afford cancer treatments and all the many others costs (utilities, loss of salary, home assistance and more).

Here you are the link if you want to participate!


As of today we have 36 donors and $10,395.55, my goal as dance performer is to reach minimum $25,000. This will help 20 Families for their treatments needs for 2 months and believe me every donation counts for this cause.

Tag me in your stories, write to me, stay in touch with social networks and if you need a special personal shopper session online, you can ask to:


We had an extra day this February and yet time flies faster than ever, in a glimpse we will go thru this coming Spring and we will find ourselves cheering up on Memorial Day.

I have enjoyed as always my styling sessions with all of you while in Palm Beach, scrolling together the endless options you can find in my Ateliers for your daily life.

Always remember to send me a message when you find yourself in need of a new look idea for your business attire, a new trip or a night out.


my Bella Firenze here I am!! Florence life is always active with something to do or to eat!! Tonight I will enjoy one of the many "Candlelight Concerts" at the Cathedral of the Image here closed by just right across the Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge). An unforgettable experience in stunning locations across the city. For tickets and info, simply click here Candlelight Concert.

The sunshine is putting a pep in our steps, ushering in the start of spring, and there’s exciting news from Florence’s cultural scene! The long-anticipated reopening of La Specola Museum finally took place at the end of February. The natural science museum is home to a unique and internationally famous collection of wax anatomical models and Florentine botanical waxes, with both culture lovers and the curious bound to be joining the queues.

The Florence Korea Film Festival keeps cinema fans content from March 21-30, with Cinema la Compagnia hosting the film series that sees many special guests. In terms of art, there’s great excitement surrounding the arrival of Anselm Kiefer’s Fallen Angels at Palazzo Strozzi where it will remain on display from March 22 to July 21. The paintings, sculptures and installations investigate memory, myth, war and existence in what’s bound to be a fascinating exhibition!

International Women’s Day is tomorrow (March 8), making it the perfect time to learn more about some famous female figures! The Museo de’ Medici is currently hosting an exhibition dedicated to the Electress Palatine, Anna Maria Luisa de’Medici, the last Medici heir, who bestowed the family’s rich heritage to the city of Florence. So, it’s her we can thank for many of the cultural treasures we enjoy today!

It’s also a month with many traditions, as Easter arrives early this year. The Scoppio del Carro is a historic ceremony that involves an exploding cart, a flying dove, and dramatic fireworks in piazza del Duomo. Intrigued? Make sure to find yourself in the piazza on March 31, Easter Sunday, to take part in a fully Florentine tradition. Essentially, a cart arrives in piazza del Duomo, pulled by white oxen. A mechanical colombina (dove) is released from the cart, ‘flying’ into the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral and back. If it completes its journey successfully, fireworks ‘explode’ from the cart, in a good omen for the year to come. Exciting!

Another tradition is the celebration of the Florentine New Year on March 25, marked with a historical procession that starts from Palagio di Parte Guelfa before reaching the Basilica of Santissima Annunziata. The tradition dates back to the Middle Ages, when the city determined the date as the beginning of the civil calendar.

The better weather brings an abundant array of vegetables. Asparagus, peas and artichokes fill our baskets, with a fresh and light spring recipe already on my ‘to make’ list: asparagus alla fiorentina involves boiling your asparagus for fifteen minutes, before cooking them in a pan together with butter for five minutes, and sautéing the cooked asparagus for five minutes more. Then, it just takes a sprinkle of salt, pepper and grated Parmigiano (the good stuff!) before they’re ready to serve with a poached egg placed on top. Super simple but super tasty, it’s all in the quality of the ingredients!

Have a wonderful March!



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