Jennifer Tattanelli - ready for the Holidays?

Jennifer Tattanelli - ready for the Holidays?

Dear all,

December has arrived! It’s finally festive season!

It has been a very emotional month, full of inspiration everywhere. I have travelled a lot through the world, from Florence to California then back in Palm Beach!

It’s so interesting traveling through seasons from cold to warm, that’s why in my collection you will always find both summer collection and winter!

I’m very excited to spend this Christmas with my family in Florence. What are you doing?

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But now let’s talk about Firenze! The city gets glittering and the holidays are just around the corner, putting a pep in everyone’s step. With lights lifting our moods and plenty of festive fun in Florence, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Let’s start with some exciting news in the art world. You may have seen the intriguing images of Michelangelo’s “secret room” at the Medici Chapels Museum, open regularly to the public for the first time since it was discovered in 1975. The small space accessible via the New Sacristy was discovered while they were searching for a new exit to the museum, with the then-director positing the theory that the drawings were carried out while Michelangelo was hiding from the wrath of Pope Clement VII in 1530. The amazing atmosphere can be enjoyed by small groups of visitors until March 30.

The seasonal celebrations have been kicked off in style! One of my favorite things to do at this time of year is stroll along via Tornabuoni and the center, enjoying the dazzling displays and soaking up the festive feeling. From December 8 to January 7, the Green Line festival spreads joy throughout the city with the annual artistic installations and events programme always a highlight. Video mapping and projections transform centuries-old sites, and each street brings a new surprise. You’re never quite sure what you’ll find!

An immersive Vincent Van Gogh exhibition at the Cattedrale dell’Immagine is a lovely, colorful exhibition to add to your diaries. Open from November 29, the multimedia show is a 35-minute digital story developed through 360-degree multi-projections in the former church with an entrancing soundtrack keeping visitors lingering.

Another exhibition for your list is Giovanni Stradano in Florence 1523-2023, The Strangest and Most Beautiful Inventions in the World. On display in Palazzo Vecchio until February 18 to mark the 500th anniversary of his birth, the works showcase the Flemish artist and his Florentine links, including drawings, prints, books, tapestries and instruments. And really, who needs an excuse to head to Palazzo Vecchio?! The spectacular setting has been at the center of Florence’s civic life since the 14th century, with its “secret rooms” (sensing a theme?) always a favorite for visitors of all ages. 

A recipe I love to pull out at this time of year is Castagnaccio (Tuscan chestnut cake). Packed with flavor, it’s perfect for cozy evenings when you feel like filling your home with seasonal scents. Made with sweet and tasty chestnut flour, no sugar is needed in the batter, with different dried fruits, herbs and spices added depending on where you go! The basic combination is chestnut flour, water, olive oil and rosemary, with pine nuts and walnuts added to create texture.

Happy holidays!



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