Jennifer Tattanelli - Fall in Palm Beach anyone?

Jennifer Tattanelli - Fall in Palm Beach anyone?

Dear all,

I love November! Fall has arrived, bringing cozy vibes and colorful leaves!

Embrace the magic of autumn with our collection of warm and stylish boots, from cozy leather to trendy patterns, discover the perfect bag to complement your autumn wardrobe.

It has been magic to stay here in Florence and designing the new spring summer collection 2024 and now is time to go back to Palm Beach for the new season.

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There’s something special about November in Florence—a feeling of being settled into the season and everyone going about their business, a slightly calmer month in the ever-busy city. Scarves are beginning to appear as we all embrace autumn, and there are cozy vibes as storefronts get seasonal. 

A little bit of news from Florence: you may have seen the striking images of statues in the famous Loggia dei Lanzi in piazza della Signoria shrouded in a mysterious plastic covering. Wondered why? They’re currently undergoing restoration, set to be completed by the end of December, with passersby intrigued by the cellophane-wrapped figures.

While you’re in the piazza, take a look at where you’re standing. Did you know that Florence is said to be the first city in Europe to pave its streets? In 1339, wealthy merchants and banks funded the work, making it the city we know today. I love remembering that while I’m walking through the streets of the centre, a reminder of the city’s incredible history and how lucky we are to experience it.

It’s the perfect time of year to immerse yourself in a museum and enjoy one of the latest exhibitions. The Innocenti Museum is host to some stunning works by Alphonse Mucha until April 7 in an art show titled The Seduction of Art Nouveau. You might recognize some of his works from ad campaigns for Nestlé and Moët & Chandon among others, with the actress Sarah Bernhardt the inspiration for many of his pieces.

Another one I’m adding to my cultural calendar is L’Eredità dell Donne, from November 24-26. The woman-focused fest features international guests with events taking place all over the city, highlighting extraordinary women in many spheres.

Film festivals are also a favorite at this time of year, with this month seeing Festival dei Popoli held in various venues till the 12th, centered around international documentaries. You might also start to see signs of Christmas festivities begin to appear in the city as the famous Mercato di Natale pops up in piazza Santa Croce from November 18 to December 17, where it will spread some festive cheer with its seasonal food stalls, cute crafts, music, and unmissable magical atmosphere.

We all know, of course, that Thanksgiving is coming up soon! Why not put a Tuscan spin on the usual recipes and give an Italian touch to your table this year?

A delicious option is Torta di zucca con mandorle, meaning pumpkin pie with almonds. You’ll need pumpkin pulp, shortcrust pastry, crumbled almonds (extra points if they’re Tuscan!), milk, butter, eggs, honey, brown sugar and flour, creating a super soft pie that you can present with pride!

What else to say...have a great November! 



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