Italian heritage designed for your comfort

Italian heritage designed for your comfort

When you think about fashion you immediately think of Europe or more specifically. Italy. Italy is a country built on fashion and design and has been the center of attraction to all the big brands and the most impressive designers. It is also a major capital of international fashion. with huge names such as Miuccia Prada, Bottega Veneta, Giorgio Armani and Dolce e Gabbana all hailing from Italy. Instinctive design is in the Italian genes.

More specifically, when it comes to high-end handcrafted fashion, Florence is the city that conquers all. Italy is a country of elegance, esthetics, and most of all heritage, and Jennifer Tattanelli is the raw image of that Italian spirit and culture.

This designer and entrepreneur grew up surrounded by Italian heritage and fashion, with her grandmother being a famous art collector and her mother creating theatrical costumes. Jennifer started out as a child model and was raised with great knowledge and passion for style, art, and design. 

“I’m proud of my work and of my roots. I’m extremely particular and respect the Florentine craftsmanship that is unique worldwide. I insist on handmade items being carefully cut, designed and executed by our Florentine artisans”. Jennifer Tattanelli

Indeed, even before the Renaissance of the sixteenth century, the archaic Italian art societies were famous all over Europe for their extravagant merchandise, particularly in the field of textiles, finely worked valuable metals, gems, and leather. Artisans are the heart and soul of Florence, and their craftsmanship is highly reputable and respected because of the skills and details put into it. They use one-of-a-kind techniques that are acquired and passed down from one generation to another. Whether it’s the delicate stitching or the amazing materials, you can tell an item was crafted in Florence, which is what made it what it is, and that is an heirloom and bragging possession.

Jennifer’s brand offers a wide variety of women’s and men’s clothing followed by a range of shoes, bags, and accessories. She uses Italian leather in all of her designs and as mentioned before every item she sells is handcrafted by Florentine artisans.

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