It is hot around here....a new a new lines dress!!

It is hot around here....a new a new lines dress!!

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Florence and The Artisan Atelier

Not too long ago I’ve been telling you all about my coming trip to Florence. Well, here I am now, wrapping my head around everything this city has to offer.

I spend my days here reaping the benefits of my leisure and business travel. In other words, I’m trying to get the best of both worlds! During daytime, my focus is on the Atelier in Piazza de’ Pitti, my lovely staff and of course, all of you who step into my “home” every day. 

Before continuing, please take a look into the new Virtual Tour just redone after 2 years of…well you all know what happened in the recent past: New Virtual Tour

I am happy to greet all of you and arrange our styling sessions, where I give my best to make you shine brighter than ever and look like your best self. From head to toe, you’re in good hands, so feel free to stop by the atelier and let’s have some good old fun!

As for Florence, what can I say? The city is booming with tourists from all around the world! In my language, that translates into both fun and business, as many of you have already reached out to meet in Italy, and there’s so many more friendly faces to meet! 

Summer officially starts on June 21! Although, really, we’ve all been feeling quite summery already here in Florence with the launch of the Estate Fiorentina calendar (the city’s seasonal summer events line-up) and the opening up of outdoor eateries and hang-out spots (definitely check out what’s going on along the Arno river!). With sunglasses on and the excitement for the upcoming months ahead, let’s have a look at some of the things to look forward to this June.

It’s a month with many Florentine traditions, as San Giovanni (Saint John, the city’s patron saint) is celebrated on June 24 with fireworks and Calcio Storico(historic football) in piazza Santa Croce. A historical parade brings some color to the streets of Florence, and keep an eye on museum websites as there may well be some that are free for the occasion!

This year, Estate Fiorentina ( gets summer started early on June 1, taking us all the way through to September 30 with a packed calendar of music, festivals, talks, theatre, dance, movies…and…the list goes on! It’s a remarkable line-up with this year’s edition titled Tre Passi Avanti after the Florentine Bandabardò musical group, with literature and the 1980s among the main themes.

Some highlights this month include the art, cinema, dance and music festival, Secret Florence (June 4-15), and Florence Dance Festival from June 22 to July 24. There’s something truly special about witnessing top-class cultural performances in some of the most stunning settings in the city. I can’t wait!

A new installation at Palazzo Strozzi has gotten people talking, as the Let’s Get Digital! art exhibition brings digital art to new levels. The site-specific work by Turkish artist Refik Anadol fills the central courtyard with an ever-moving screen, creating illusions and mesmerizing passersby. Don’t miss taking a peak! It’s on display until July 31.

A stunning restoration of the San Luca Chapel at Santissima Annunziataamazes art lovers, funded thanks to Friends of Florence. Known as the Painter’s Chapel, it was the former heart of the Accademia delle Arti del Disegno(Academy of Drawing Arts), with illustrious names like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarroti among its members. Having been damaged in the 1966 flood of Florence, the chapel is now wonderfully restored.

Summer spots have popped up all over, with people pulling out sun loungers by the river to enjoy the sounds of lapping water and a cool drink, soaking up the atmosphere. It makes sense too that we gravitate to the water (not only for the heat), but also for Florence’s historic past, given that the area was once covered by a huge lake in ancient times, and much of it remained marshland until the 18th century

Small settlements emerged at the confluence of the Arno and the Mugnone rivers as early as the 10th century, in just one of the many significant occurrences in Florence’s long past. While idling by the river, you can admire some of the city’s bridges, watching people kayak up and down the steady flow.

Now’s the time to whip up seasonal specialties like spelt salad. Light and fresh, it’s perfect for when you don’t feel like spending hours in a hot kitchen! Farro(spelt) is a centuries-old grain that makes a regular appearance in Tuscan dishes. Used for soups in winter and salads for summer, its versatility makes it a kitchen staple! Add your mix of things like onions, mozzarella, pesto, diced tomato, olives and herbs for a quick and easy summer recipe.

OK now I am officially hungry!!

Small Steps, Big Opening - The Hamptons Atelier

So far, I’ve been all about the ateliers in Florence and Palm Beach this year. As the wind of change approaches (literally - it’s getting way too hot in Florida in the summer), I’ve been slowly moving the operations up north. 

First, there was the Woodbury atelier, which boomed with happy faces and fashionistas from the Tri-state area once we opened it.

Now it is time to extend my reach even more! Slowly but surely, the Hamptons Atelier is opening this weekend, the collection will slowly arrive over the coming weeks and as always the official opening will be July the 2nd right before the 4thCelebrations!!

I know many of you migrate to milder temperatures, which is why I try to be one step ahead and prepare everything to greet all of you once you get there! 

Currently, I’m trying to expedite the newest apparel and finish up the collection that will be displayed in the Hamptons. Fingers crossed, you’re going to love it! Prepare for all the goodies:

Therefore, grab your car, your best friend, your coffee in that go-to thermos and your bag and from New York head out EAST!!

Plus, forgot to mention…Westhampton Beach and the Main Street have a new shiny look. Larger sidewalk, nicer and fresher look and more restaurants!! Try Flora, Fauna, Pizzetteria Brunetti (sooooo good) and if you prefer fast and casual LT Burger, from Sag Harbor directly next door from me!!


Here we are, all caught up with the news of the month. Now that you’re updated with everything that’s going on, it’s time to share another monthly tip for all of you, fashion lovers!

So, here it is..

How to Wash Your Cashmere Items by Hand

Although we don’t wash our cashmere items after every occasion of wearing it, they do need a good rinse once in a while. 

No matter what the tag says, it’s always a good idea to wash any cashmere item by hand, as the fabric is typically quite fragile and soft. Therefore, start by creating a solution consisting of lukewarm water and a detergent made for delicate items. 

Carefully soak your cashmere item in the water, rise it gently, then soak it again in clear water to wash away detergent residue. When it comes to drying it, place it on a flat surface for 24hrs and let it air dry. 

Store your product in a cool, dry place. Use a hanger to avoid wrinkling or damaging the fabric, and voila - your cashmere item will look prettier than ever!

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Keep designing and crafting for you all..with Love yours,


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