Holidays are up in the air...come to Florida!!

Holidays are up in the air...come to Florida!!

Dear all, 

December has arrived! Everyone become busy with shopping and family gatherings, and then there is the excitement for the holidays that go along with that.

I hope your holidays are everything they should be: full of love from those moments spent together, laughter so loud it could shake windows clear across towns.

We have just completed a month of learning about gratitude and as I shared with many of you visiting in Palm Beach and Woodbury, I am SUPER grateful for my family, my business and my guests, all of you, that keep my dream of designing and crafting beautiful products alive and more active than ever.

I'm so excited to finally share the news with you all! My new Shoes Atelier in Palm Beach has just opened its doors at 226 Worth Avenue, but this time around there will be a little bit more than shoes; we are offering an experience from start-to finish, a new format, a new adventure, an exciting new project with the same passion, craftsmanship and quality that you all know.

Women and Men will find over 200 styles with a bi-weekly turnaround to choose from, as always part of the collection is seasonal so for an instant gratification and part is customizable with any colors, materials or mix you have envisioned for your next pair of Pumps, Sandals, Booties, Boots and more.

Since it is a new location, I will gather all the info from these weeks and months in order to design the next collections always better and more focused on the local guests needs.

Enough with Palm Beach, what is happening in Florence then?

If you’ve fallen in love with my Bella Firenze, but you’ve never visited during the Holidays before… I think you will go crazy and will literally be enchanted by its magic and suggestive atmosphere during this month! Expect to experience emotions like the Stendhal syndrome (and which city could better evoke this feeling than Florence?!), even if you’re not visiting a single masterpiece, but a majestic conjunction of art and architectural works of art. Colored lights, decorations, music and its unique atmosphere always make Florence more magical during this time of the year.

Just remember that on Dec 8th, 24th, 25th and 26th these days coincide with major Christian holidays celebrating the Immaculate Conception, the birth of Jesus and Saint Stephen. Many will make a long weekend out of the Christmas holidays this year and you will find lots of Italian tourists flooding the cities and tourist points. Shops and stores will be open on the 24th of December but be aware that many will close early.

If you are up for a “gita fuori porta” (strolling outside Florence) enjoy watching a traditional car race along the panoramic and enchanting roads of Chianti, among vineyards, stunning views, tall whispering cypress trees, and the magnificent olive groves! 

Feel hungry with all this walking and strolling? With the “Olio Nuovo” (new olive oil harvest) you can make the “Fettunta” (bread filled with oil) is that delicious grilled bread served with a bit of extra virgin olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper, the perfect way for tasting the season's new oil olive.

I have just received mine here in Palm Beach, we have 8 large aluminum tins (5 liters each) that will help us to survive the year waiting for the next harvesting!!! OK forgot to mention, we use only with Olives Oil for dressing and cooking so if 40 Liters sounds a lot for 1 year…believe me or not we use it all!!

See you all very soon!! With Love....yours,


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