Have you packed already?

Have you packed already?

Hello and happy April 5th!!!

Do not worry it is not a national holiday or so and yet every day is a good day to celebrate something!!

It has been so special in Florence this March full of creativity and emotion! We did a special photo shooting with my sister Chloe as you have seen in all our social networks! It has been special!! I’m restyling our website, if you fall in Love with a product but you don’t find it in my page, there is a big news: a personal shopper all for you! Her name is Grace, she will be there every day for you, to create together the perfect look! You have just to take a screenshot and send it in DM on Instagram or write an email to:


Follow me every day in my social networks,  I will be always there to present new items and my everyday creations! Looking forward to receiving all your pictures with JT products to repost them! There is also a big news in Instagram: tag me with your JT item, the most voted picture, will win a gift card.


Pastel colours are the protagonist, you have been my inspirations for all this collection. An elegant woman for all the occasions and a man in perfect Italian Haute Couture Style.

You will see everything in the website!


Well, I have spent such a wonderful time in Florence. The colours are amazing. All an inspiration for me. In few days I will be back while I know many of you are already heading to my "Bella Firenze".

I’m happily losing an hour asleep as we turn the clocks forward, confirming the change of seasons and longer days ahead. If you need some place to steam out or soaking in the extra hours you can do some bike rides through Cascine Park. It’s not the best place to escape the pollen but it’s the perfect spot for some fresh air and a bit of greenery. April is a great time to cycle over there as it’s warm enough to avoid chilly winds but the sticky summer heat hasn’t quick set in yet. I personally like going in the late afternoon when the sun is still strong so I can sit on a bench and journal for a while.

Another favorite of mine during the spring season is the Boboli Gardens. American philanthropist Veronica Atkins has donated 4.5 million euro to the Uffizi Galleries making it the largest donation ever made by an individual to a Florentine Museum. The donation will be used to restore the amphitheater in the Boboli Gardens as part of the ongoing initiative to revitalize Medici greenery throughout the city.

The gardens are beautiful to look at but unfortunately I can’t take a bouquet home with me. In an effort to spruce up my own space with a bit of blossoming, I’ll be headed to the Firenze Flower Show to brush up on my gardening skills. Exhibitors from all across Italy come to Florence for the weekend to host gardening courses, workshops, and demonstrations to help everyone get into the spring spirit and start their own at home gardens.

Spring produce never disappoints and with strawberries having such a short lived season, I’m making the most of it by whipping up batches of strawberry jam. Life seems to always get so busy this time of year so I like to keep my time in the kitchen short, effective, and delicious. This easy strawberry jam is the perfect solution with only 3 ingredients necessary: strawberries, white sugar, and lemon juice. It takes less than an hour to put everything together and you’re left with a perfect sweet spread for a quick breakfast on toast, a dollop on yogurt, or even a little spoonful with some chocolate at the end of the night.

Easter is one of my favorite holidays and Florence is my favorite place to celebrate. With a few pastel-wrapped chocolates in my pocket, if I were you I’ll be heading over to the duomo first thing on Easter Sunday to see the Explosion of the Cart spectacle. This is an old Florentine tradition where a dove-shaped rocket loaded with fireworks flies out of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore to set the Brindellone cart on fire. It’s always a highlight of the holiday. After that while I wait for Peter Cottontail to arrive, I’ll head over to my local pasticceria and pick up a colomba cake and chocolate eggs for everyone.

What else to say...Happy April and Happy Spring!



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