Have you already planned your shopping trip to Florence?

Have you already planned your shopping trip to Florence?

My dear friends and followers, here we are again!

It’s that time of the month when I take a moment to share updates on my journey with all of you who take part in my life. Whether you’re a friend, an acquaintance, a happy customer or simply a bypasser who stumbled upon my newsletter - welcome to my little world!

I’m excited to start off this month together with all of you, face whatever challenges come our way, and enjoy all the blessings that we’re about to receive! 

By now, spring has already settled in Florence and Long Island, let alone Palm Beach, where the weather consists of sun and heat for the most part.

However, Italians like to take everything step by step, so we’re having a good time in Florence although the temperatures are yet to reach their peaks.  

Therefore, before April takes us all by surprise, let’s discuss the essentials - spring fashion, colors, combos, and more!

By this time in the season, it can be pretty challenging to pick-and-mix the right combinations of clothes, so that you look like your best self without having to change from hot to cold in a matter of minutes.

I know - the struggle is real, but I’m here to help!

In the meantime, let’s do updates! This month, I visited my Bella Firenze for the new season (2023!!) collection development.

This floral-filled season always gives me joy and picnics in the park are back being a regular feature for many! One of my favourite parks has to be Villa Strozzi: its weaving, winding paths offer glorious views of olive groves and the Tuscany countryside, all mere moments from the city centre. Bringing a book there and sitting in the sunshine has to be among the greatest pleasures of this season!

Another seasonal favorite of mine is a springtime walk through the streets of the city. Amazingly, Florence was actually the first city in Europe to have paved streets, with 1339 marking the beginning of these historic paths that are such a pleasure to stroll along! 

Speaking of getting out and about, Florence has welcomed some incredible exhibitions of late, with Donatello, The Renaissance at Palazzo Strozzi and the Bargello National Museum topping all art lovers’ lists. Walking through the rooms filled with masterpiece after masterpiece is truly an incredible experience and given that it’s on display until July 31 there’s thankfully plenty of time to see it!

And then there’s something that’s bound to be enjoyed by all us fashion fans! Florence Jewellery Week and Preziosa Makers take place this month in fab fests dedicated to designers and artisans from April 28 to May 2, celebrating the best in accessories and design. I can’t wait to wander the “secret gardens” of Palazzo Corsini al Prato for the first edition of Preziosa Makers, taking in the beauty of both the craftsmanship and the idyllic setting!

Of course, we can’t forget Easter and the traditional Scoppio del Carro (Explosion of the Cart) that livens up piazza del Duomo on Easter Sunday. Fireworks and a parade with flag bearers and drummers make their way through the streets of the centre before a dove shaped rocket that symbolizes the Holy Spirit flies out of the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral to ignite the cart, setting off a sparkling display.

Italian cuisine is delightful all year round, as we know, but I have a particular penchant for springtime dishes like pasta with zucchini, peas and onion; typically Tuscan in that it’s simple and allows the quality of the ingredients to take the spotlight, with just a touch of salt, parsley and garlic to enhance the flavors

For something sweet, try a traditional Easter treat like Schiacciata di Pasqua (Easter cake). The sweet bread is flavored with anise seeds and orange, with vin Santo and marsala for a totally Tuscan kick.

Come to Florence and you will enjoy it as much as I do!!

I always miss home and think of it dearly, so going back to Italy makes my heart feel in the right place.

My Ateliers there are doing well as usual, but there is a lot going on, especially since my spring 2022 collection came out. My team is always happy to help all of you who step foot into my ateliers, so make sure to check them out if you’re in the neighborhood.

As for me, I’m traveling a lot between Florence, Palm Beach and Long Island, but my heart is always with my family, friends, my art, and all of us who are part of my journey!

Before we dive deep into the hot topics of the month, I’d like to remind you of that little fashion tip I like to give out at the end of each newsletter. These tips are something I like to do both for fun and for educational purposes. Therefore, if you like them, or feel like I should touch on other ideas as well, feel free to let me know by sending me a message on any of my social media profiles, or contacting me at customerservice@jennifertattanelli.com 🙌🏼

Now, let’s explore the small and big insights of this month!

Did Someone Say Spring? Leather Jackets and Color Patterns, Here I Come!

The weather in April - everyone’s nightmare and biggest fashion challenge!

Even as a designer, I find it hard at times to come up with the right outfits, so that I tick all boxes:

👉 Outfit looks stylish, fresh, and on point.

👉 It matches with the weather changes.

👉 It makes everyone’s heads turn around when they see it.

So what’s there to do? Is there a way to stay in style while navigating the ongoing changes in the temperature levels? And how about convenience, right? After all, no one wants to spend all their time picking outfits!

If you find yourself struggling with these questions, I got you! This section is all about spring ready-to-go outfits, what colors go best with this season, and how to put that leather jacket to a good use!

Naturally, spring calls for freshness, vitality, and more life. In color language, that translates to green, sunshine yellow, intense pink, and blue shades. Whether you opt to combine these colors with white, black, gray, and other classic tints, or go for more colorful outfits by mixing them up together, that’s up to you!

To get through April like a professional, I suggest always keeping the following aspects in mind:

👉Always check the weather before you leave the house. Use apps like Carrot Weather, The Weather Channel, or simply go online and update yourself on this topic before you leave the house.

👉 Layer up! The thing about changing weather is that it can always go from hot to cold, sometimes in a matter of minutes! Therefore, if you find that you left the house on a cold note and dressed accordingly, but the weather has suddenly changed, you can always take a few layers of clothes off and stack them up in your bag.

👉 Always have a light-shaded blouse or one of my reversible leather jacket on hand, ready-to-go, but more on that in the second section of this newsletter. While the blouse covers your upper part in case of lower temperatures, the white color makes it a good choice in the sunnier days as well, as lighter shades keep the heat away.

Now, let’s see how you can create outfits having these aspects in mind!

Take this one for example! White and blue go extremely well together, giving the impression of a classy, elegant look. The leather jacket helps keep the look fresh, but more importantly, it keeps you warm and cozy if the weather tilts more towards the cold side.

Layers? Check! Fancy? Check! Spring vibes? Check!

Keep your Wardrobe In Check with Ready-to-Go Pieces and Every Woman’s Essentials

The secrets of a designer’s wardrobe are many, but today I’ll share a valuable tip that you ought to hold on to for life! I’m serious - keeping what I’m about to share with you in mind every time you plan an outfit will save you a great deal of time and effort.

So, let’s spill the tea! Whenever you need to plan an outfit in advance, or even on a short notice, it’ll help if you have a few essentials in the closet ready at all times. Everyone should know that there’s certain evergreen pieces that never go out of style. Obviously, you should get your hands on those asap, if you don’t have them already.

Why? Simple! They’re like the foundation of a house - you can’t really build or create anything without them. When planning an outfit, these pieces will help you lay the foundation for your look, which you can later accessorize, twist, and spice up the way you see fit.

So, what are these evergreen pieces of clothing I keep talking about? The ones you reach out for season after season, without getting bored or looking out-of-style?

✨My silk cashmere knit

✨The white, simple, sleeve-length blouse, and the black one

✨One classic JT pant or pencil skirt stretch fabric

✨My staple black leather jacket (reversible or short stretch)

✨The classic “little black dress”

Of course, there’s more items to add to this list, but I’m trying to explain the main point, rather than giving you an exhaustive list. The idea behind this is that, with a few essential items, you can mix-and-match clothes more easily, and create great outfits with minimum effort!


Now that we have reached the end of yet another newsletter, it's time for me to share my monthly fashion tip with all of you who want to find out some valuable insights from the fashion world.

The tip of the month is...

Clean your Leather Shoes Like a Pro

When we say "Leather" shoes you will think immediately of your flat "Nappa" new shoes and in a way you can be right. While for me leather can be any of the variants the skins can be made for: Nappa, Suede, Nabuck, Laminated, Patent, Hair Leather, Exotic Skins....wow a lot of different skins and a lot of different ways to properly keep care of it.

Let us start with the basics that applies to all of them, you can always dig further simply asking me or waiting for the next newsletter.

First...please store your shoes in one of the cloth bags we provide, do not use plastic bags, do not use synthetic bags...my skins are naturally treated so the appreciate a gentle touch and a breathable storage bag.

If you catch water...do not panic, fill them with tissue paper (a newspaper can do the trick) and let them dry "away" from heat sources (sun, heathers, fireplace...).

Cuoio or leather sole are gorgeous to be seen and worn, however when they are gone since you have enjoyed your shoes that much, ask to be soled again with a Vibram rubber sole. It serve the purpose and makes your shoes enjoable for much longer.

Now, I’d love to invite you to join me and my team at Jennifer Tattanelli!

Come and be a part of our lovely fashion community that’s always growing more and more. Stay updated with the latest fashion trends, outfit ideas, fashion news, and more!

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Keep designing and crafting for you all...Yours,


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