Happy New Year!! That’s the Florentine romantic in me talking!

JENNIFER TATTANELLI - message from Firenze - Jennifer Tattanelli

Dear all,

Happy 2019!

I must say, I never tire of the promise of the new year. These days it seems extra trendy to pull the plug on resolutions altogether, but I love the idea of a clean slate, and enjoy doing some intention setting for the months and adventures ahead. Nothing wrong with dreaming big—but maybe that’s the Florentine romantic in me talking!

If you’re not all that excited about 2019 yet, well, Florence can help you get there. January brings one of the city’s signature events: the super-elegant, industry-swaying Pitti Immagine Uomo, a historic menswear trade fair that brings fashion tastemakers and influencers from around the world to Tuscany. Kicking off on January 8 and running through January 11, it’s one of the best times of the year for people-watching and party-hopping. A whole host of style-centric events including Animalia: Fashion at the ever-chic Museo della Moda e del Costume in our neighboring Palazzo Pitti. If you’re planning a later trip to Florence, don’t fret—the Animalia show, exploring how the animal world has influenced fashion in the new millennium, will still be on in May.

If your tastes run a little more traditional, 2019 is the year of that formidable Florentine woman, Catherine de’ Medici. Details are still rather quiet, but numerous events, conferences and celebrations will take place throughout the year to commemorate the 500th anniversary of her birth coming up in April.

Not familiar with Catherine de’ Medici? Her enduring legacy is a largely culinary one: it’s said that, together with the chefs who trailed her to courtly life when she wed Henry, Duke of Orleans, she introduced France to a number of foods, techniques and hospitality traditions. While the historical basis for this is a bit fuzzy, it’s nonetheless a fun myth that many Florentines love to brag about—and you can bet they’ll be celebrating her story in style this year.

Everyone asks me...OK Florence but what is the rest of Tuscany all about? Humm, I believe I can simply answer with this picture from my countryside childhood home window, gently provided this morning from my mum:

Nature, Olive trees, Wineries, peace....what else will you need?

Something else to look forward to: one of the city’s frequently overlooked gems is coming out of hiding after a long closure for renovations. The Museo Marino Marini, housed in the deconsecrated church of San Pancrazio, is in the heart of downtown Florence a stone’s throw from via Tornabuoni, to be precise, yet many tend to miss it. Set to reopen January 9, the space will host several events to ring in the new year—and a new era for the museum. Mostly, I’m excited for the chance to visit the stunning Rucellai funerary chapel, a Leon Battista Alberti masterpiece adjacent to the museum’s main spaces.

Beyond the events, come January I always crave a little time for post-holiday rest and self-care. Ironic, right? But all the celebrating can get a bit draining. Unwinding with a glass of wine or waking up with a cappuccino at home or JT Caffe, naturally, nibbling on leftover panettone and Christmas cookies—little rituals like this lend joy to my January days when I’m in the colder weather.

Luckily, my month includes some stopovers at my sunny Palm Beach Atelier for a series of events I am hosting—join me if you’re in the area!

2019 brings new things and old ones too...back by extended demand my show in New York at THE SURREY in the Upper East Side, save the date from April 6th to April 9th, booking will start soon.

Stay tuned for forthcoming news from me—particularly those of you stateside! And best wishes for a 2019 filled with good health, good company and plenty of sparkle.



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