Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year! 🙂....please forgive me!! I am terribly late, I had the newsletter warming up for too long and between new project and traveling here I am.

I can't believe it's already January—time flies when you're having fun. I have some exciting few weeks ahead of me, including some exciting new fashion pieces and many fun events. 

In this newsletter, we'll go over everything you need to know about what's coming up, and the highlights of 2022 - there are many!

Why Starting 2023 In Florence Is The Best Decision For Me

First things first: I have been in in Florence for the first two weeks of January...it was not like this since 2020!! I was attending a few events and setting up the atelier there for another great year. 

I was so excited to be spending some more time with my family and close friends before flying back to the States! 

I’m sure you can all relate, right? The holiday season brought some well-deserved time off with our dear ones and I’m sure we all want it to last for as long as possible. 

Whenever I’m in Florence I feel most connected to my art, my sense of femininity, my fashion style and more. I need this time to reconnect to my inner fashionista so that I can create the most beautiful designs and collections for you, which is why I planned on starting 2023 here.

However, everything must come to an end as we all have jobs to attend to, which is why I am flying back to the USA to start another great year with you all there. 

New Year, New Collections, New Sample Sales - Bigger Goals

I've got some big plans for 2023, it's going to be an amazing event—you can't miss it!

This year, I’m starting off with an entirely new look for our upcoming line. I'm trying to hold on to everything you love about clothes and shoes—versatility, bold colors—but also add some new twists that I think will make your wardrobe even more functional than before. 

The new collection is going to be perfect for anyone who wants to incorporate some new elements into their look without sacrificing comfort or style.

This year's sample sale will also feature a sneak peek at this collection. 

I want this year’s product lines to be accessible and easy-to-wear while still being super stylish. I've been working hard on making sure each piece will work as part of an overall outfit or as an individual piece in any outfit combination you can imagine. 

You'll really be able to feel like yourself when wearing these clothes - trust me on this. I can’t wait to get everything started!

The Highlights Of 2022

2022 went by so quickly, am I right?

I remember starting the year strong with so many events, and now we’re already in 2023..crazy!

This year has been such a whirlwind that it's hard to know where to start. But I'm going to try. Let's start with my favorite thing: leather!

The highlight of my year was designing all the collections of the year and displaying them in the ateliers. My lines were inspired by some of my favorite artists who have been collecting vintage pieces for years and nature—it felt like a natural fit for me to design something inspiring this year. 

Another highlight was attending Kyle Lucks’s art exhibition with my dear friends. We had such an amazing time together—we're definitely planning on doing more things like this in the future!

I was also really impressed when I was chosen to design the representative bag for the Old Bags Luncheon - one of the main charity event in Palm Beach. 

With so many beautiful bags from renowned designers worldwide, I felt nervous designing the IT BAG which sits right next to some other big names. However, it all turned out lovely, as you probably saw on my Instagram page. 

It seems like this year was a year of travels, as I spent my time between Florence, Palm Beach and the Hamptons. I feel like people everywhere are finally recognizing that if they can find a reliable designer to carry out their styling sessions with—it will elevate their look immensely! 

Remember: quality designs over trendy trends, always. 

Perhaps knowing this is why we had so many styling sessions together over the course of 2022. I enjoyed each and every one of them! I hope to have many more of them in 2023 with you all...


The highlight of my year was working with you all. I am so grateful for each and every one of you who crossed paths with me! I really hope I made a positive difference in your style and that we’ll see each other again soon.

As for 2023, there are a lot of things to do! Remember to always chase the best version of yourself in any area of your life (including clothing). If you dress well, you’ll be more confident in yourself. Clothes have power over people, so learn how to harness them.

Now, on to the monthly tip!

Create A Wardrobe That Lasts Forever And Looks Impeccable In 2023

When you're in the market for a new piece of clothing and you find something you love, it's tempting to buy it right away. But that doesn't always work out—sometimes the piece just doesn't suit your style, or you get bored with it after a few wears.

So instead of buying everything at once, try this: buy one look at a time.

It might seem like you'll never get anything if you only buy one look at a time, but in reality, it works the opposite way—you'll actually have more options available to you because you'll have more time to shop around and find exactly what you want!

And if you buy things that are timeless, high quality and long-lasting styles, well… then your wardrobe will last forever! 

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Keep designing and crafting for you all...


Jennifer :)

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