Happy 4th of July in the Hamptons

JENNIFER TATTANELLI - Happy 4th of July!! - Jennifer Tattanelli

Dear all,

Another month has flown by, we’re in full-summer mode and we’re already lamenting the heat in the city!

Luckily, there’s loads of spots to cool off, get away and chill out to without venturing too far, alongside some of Florence’s summer classics that offer a well-needed respite from the heat at any time of day.

The Uffizi cinema, Apriti cinema! in the famous museum’s piazzale is projecting films every night until September, luckily starting late in the evening at 10pm so a cool breeze from the Arno can whisk across the big screen’s spectators. Fun fact, did you know that the Mona Lisa was temporarily hung at the Uffizi after it was stolen in 1911 and recovered in 1913? She briefly returned to her home town before being returned to Paris!

Stone is one of the most effective heat conductors and boy do you feel it when 6pm comes around and the afternoon sun has been beating down all day on the palazzi and vie of the city. Fortunately, there are some green spaces to escape to like the Anconella Garden, an outdoor kiosk, bar and events area that is hosting mini-concerts, workshops for all ages and free yoga all summer long – cute!

Other places which make a ‘splash’ are the city’s pools, Le Pavoniere is a great family place with a bar and plenty of shaded and non-shaded areas to shake your beach towel out and sdraiarsi (lie down). The pool in the Bella Riva area is equally relaxing with lots of green grass for the little ones to run around on before plunging into the fresh water.

For those who REALLY want to escape, I’d suggest downloading a summer playlist, renting a car and driving south to the Torrente Farma Nature Reserve in the province of Grosseto. The reserve boasts 1,500 hectares of valleys and hills dotted with woods, small farmed areas and plots of land for grazing. The valley is perfect for hiking, excursions and a swim in the crystal-clear river waters.

Calling all fellow Americans… Happy 4th of July!!! Thanks to the impressive American presence in Florence and the rest of the region, there’s always lots to do and more importantly, celebrate!

An evening of food, music and speeches to celebrate the best of America in Florence awaits us at Santa Maria Novella’s large cloister. The evening includes a concert by "Vocal Blue Trains", speeches by American authorities as well as delectable American and Italo-American bites.

When you’re done celebrating and finally have some time to yourself, remember to take a lazy summer afternoon to browse the markets that pop up around the city. A personal favourite is the Santo Spirito market that takes place the last Sunday of July and is full of organic produce and artisan products laid out on stalls underneath the shady trees of the square.

I don’t know about you, but all this activity is making me hungry! With 98ºF + temperatures I don’t fancy any pappa al Pomodoro or trippa. Luckily, fresh fruit and vegetables are easily available from Florence’s surrounding countryside; melons and figs are in season everyone!

Sweet and juicy, just one cup of cantaloupe melon exceeds your daily vitamin C requirements whereas figs are full of antioxidant vitamins A and K. July is also the month of melanzane or egg plant as they come into season from now until the end of the summer. A melanzane parmigiana is made even tastier with sun-ripened tomatoes and eggplant. It’s the perfect dish to make the day before a summer beach trip or garden party.

I will spend this day in the Hamptons where the Ateliers are ready in Red, Blue and white. Take a look into the windows and check yourself.

Last but not least, we liked the idea to show the Florence Atelier to everyone online so enjoy this virtual tour and spot your favorite item or team member.....simply click: FIRENZE VIRTUAL TOUR

That should be enough to keep us occupied this July, ciao for now!



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