Fancy shoes do not have to hurt...made in Italy shoes are worth it!!

Fancy shoes do not have to hurt...made in Italy shoes are worth it!!

If you think about it, shoes are probably the most overlooked part of an outfit.

What makes them so important? You might ask. For starters, shoes protect your feet, provide cushioning and support, and can even go as far as correcting your posture.

Marilyn Monroe couldn’t have said it better: “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world». Needless to say, conquering the world may not be so easy when the shoes you’re wearing are the ones wearing your feet out. Ever noticed how beautiful shoes tend to be the most uncomfortable?

Well, not if you’re wearing a pair designed by Jennifer Tattanelli.

In fact, Jennifer’s Italian leather shoes are both fashionable and comfy, and here’s why they’re the best treat for your feet.

Perfectly-Designed Heels: Jennifer’s signature heels are known for their practicality, style, and iconic silhouettes. Classic designs make up a large part of Jennifer’s collection, but she doesn’t shy away from contemporary designs either. If anything, she is known for her unconventional designs and quirks like studs and straps.

Her collection features both casual and formal choices for men and women, that are not only high-end, but also a perfect fit for modern-day adults.

Jennifer carefully chooses the interior fits of her moccasins, and the right heels for her ballerinas, boots and pumps.

High-quality and Unrivaled Craftsmanship: Nothing tops Italian leather and Italian craftsmanship. Straight from Florence, the main exporter of European leather, Jennifer Tattanelli’s shoes are designed by the most talented
Italian craftsmen. Crafting the perfect shoe is a very delicate procedure, and a lot of detail goes into the whole process. Moreover, handmade fashion offers the luxury of replaceable parts for maximum longevity, which allows you to hold on to your favorite pair of shoes for as long as possible.

Materials of the highest standard make up Jennifer’s highly durable and flexible shoes, and the Italian craftsmen behind them surely know how to design the most comfortable molds: with an arch that is neither too narrow nor too wide, and a build that suits all feet.

Customized Shoes Made Only For You: Yes, you can schedule a meeting with Jennifer and her team, and request a pair of shoes tailor-made just for you, and designed to meet your style and preference. Specializing in high-end, bespoke footwear, Jennifer designs the most comfortable shoes that meet her clients’ needs.

When buying a pair from Jennifer’s brand, you’re really buying a piece of Italian
craftsmanship and heritage. Don’t compromise your comfort for a beautiful pair of shoes when you can have both. Your feet deserve the best pair of shoes, a pair designed by Jennifer Tattanelli!

Check out her collection at and you’ll know why she’s one of the most talented designers in Italy.

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