Fall is here, where are you?

Fall is here, where are you?

Hello, Hello, Hello! It's Jennifer here, and I've got a lot to share with you this month.

First of all, as we all know, it's been getting colder (and colder) outside. (How are all my Europeans feeling?) 

And even if you're not ready to switch into your winter wardrobe yet, you will be soon. And when that time comes, you'll definitely want to keep your eyes on me! I have been working on my new collection already ahead of time, so it is ready when you are ready.

Part of it is already out in the ateliers, so prepare in advance for the chilly fall and the cold winter. 

Now, if you’re on my side of the world (Florence!), there’s a whole new product line waiting for you and well even if you are in Palm Beach there is little something for us too over there - a brand new display in my atelier on Worth Avenue.

While it’s not quite the winter wardrobe, I do have some bags, booties and cashmere sweaters for the rare chilly days in Florida….wait!

Do not forget my staples reversible leather jackets…perfect for almost any weather (or the freezing AC buildings is US) and if you are cold just layer up with a cozy down and you will be set for the day.

Italy, Wait for Me - I’ll Be Back in No Time! 

I have spent almost a month here and time is flying and I am ready to go back to Palm Beach for the season (with a stop in Woodbury for my styling appointments of the month), however my heart will always be in Florence. It's a beautiful city, and I am looking forward to returning to it soon.

When I am here new and old memories have always been an inspiration for me growing up, both because of the nostalgia of past experiences and of course, for old clothes and evergreen styles that people used to have.

As any designer, it’s particularly important to acknowledge the importance of history in my collections and life.  

Italy plays a huge role in my creative path, as I always get inspired by the beauty of my home city (Florence) and its lovely people. For this reason, I’ll always come back to it with a full heart, running in my high heels, and wearing my evergreen leather jacket.

Wait a minute! I am still here so with the arrival of Fall and comfy weather season fully upon us, it’s a chance to break out the autumn wardrobe and embrace the crunchy leaves of atmospheric autumn. 

October in Florence is certainly special, the colors and light cast a warm glow and there’s nothing nicer than a stroll through the city to enjoy the scents of seasonal dishes such as pappardelle a ragù and then head out to a park like Villa Il Ventaglio to breathe in the crisp air and admire an amazing view of the city’s magic.

On rainy days, you’ll find me embracing Florence’s many museums, and there’s certainly plenty to see this October! Renowned photographer Elliott Erwitt will have 70 of his most famous works on display at Villa Bardini from October 20, with the likes of Marilyn Monroe remarkably captured. It’s well-worth passing by Palazzo Medici Riccardi too, with works by 20th century masters such as Paul Klee, Damien Hirst, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichenstein and Tracey Emin gracing the halls of the Renaissance palace for the Passione Novecento exhibition that’s on display until January 8.

I couldn’t fail to mention L’Eredità delle Donne either! Taking place from October 21-23, it’s a fantastic festival that celebrates women in many spheres doing inspirational things. It’s all born out of the legacy of Anna Maria Luisa de’ Medici, the last descendant of the Medici grand Dukes and the Electress of the Palatinate. She was fundamental in defining Florence as the city of art, having bestowed all the treasures of the Medici collections to Tuscany, making it the city of art we know and love today.

Keeping with cultural news, the Palazzo Davanzati Museum has reopened following renovations, having been closed from March through to September. Once again, we can amble along through historic rooms of the Medieval building, admiring incredible pieces such as the Guicciardini Quilt that’s known as one of the earliest surviving quilts in the world.

With the change of wardrobe, comes a change in cuisine too! There are many seasonal treats to savour at this time of year, with delights like porcini mushrooms and truffles a regular feature in many dishes.

In fact, it’s the ideal time for truffles, with festivals celebrating the ‘King of the table’ popping up all over Tuscany, including Tartufesta in Montaione from October 23-30.

The history of this food is truly fascinating, with Romans known to have elevated the delicacy from the first century A.D. to something of a luxury item found on the tables of the nobility. Interestingly, a Roman poet said to have taken the notion that truffles were caused by lightning bolts imagined to have been sent down by Jupiter!

For something sweeter, you have to try Castagnaccio, a delicious combination of chestnut flour, raisins and pine nuts mixed with olive oil, salt and rosemary that can be eaten warm or cold. Better yet, pair it with a sweet Tuscan wine for an authentic autumnal feast!

Moving to Palm Beach Soon - Will You Come Visit?

As you know, I am going to be moving to Palm Beach for the upcoming season. This will give me more time with my friends from the States and it’s a great opportunity to work on some more fashionable pieces for all of you.

You know I can’t stay away from the ocean and the sun for too long, so this is where you’ll find me. Will you come to visit? I surely hope so!

Florida is always treating me nice and it allows me to spend more time on myself: I can work out without having to rush home, I can be a mom and cheer my son’ HS team (GO THUNDERWOLVES!!); and I can take care of my art and craft for hours on the beach or in my favorite luncheon spots in town, so that I get through the winter months more easily.

The Spooky Season is Right Next Door

It's fall, and you know what that means: it's time to switch out your summer clothes for some warm, cozy sweaters and coats. It's also the perfect time to get excited about the spooky season and our kids’ favorite holiday - Halloween!

You already know I have been working hard on my new line so that you can enjoy the good old Italian style during and after these events.

My pieces are crafted to keep you in vogue for this Halloween season too.

Just check out these shoes and tell me you don’t see yourself styled up as a movie character on the 30th, and then pull these out with a Bordeaux-colored dress next weekend. It’s called versatility my friends! 

Now, on to the monthly tip!

 Create Your Capsule Wardrobe with a Mix of Investment

Pieces and Bargain 

I will show you how to create a capsule wardrobe with budget friendly pieces and smart investment pieces that will stay in style and also look great on you.

You can save money by eliminating waste, streamlining your shopping, and purchasing quality over quantity without compromising style. Let’s say you owe a pair of denim jeans at home, which you probably do. That’s part of your capsule wardrobe, which contains everything you need on a daily basis. 

There’s no need for you to keep buying those basic items, but rather start investing in high-quality pieces that’ll upgrade your look.

For example, take those denim jeans pair them with leather boots and a shoulder bag that look flawless. Everyone will be looking at those high-quality pieces, and your jeans will simply blend in.

That’s just one of the many examples you can use to upgrade your style. The main idea is to invest in accessories and pieces that speak volume, while keeping your capsule wardrobe ready to compliment them.

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Have an awesome October ahead! I will keep designing and crafting for you all..


Jennifer :)

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