Bringing Authentic Florence Craftsmanship To Palm Beach

Bringing Authentic Florence Craftsmanship To Palm Beach

Italian brands have always been highly regarded in the fashion world. Whether it’s the quality of the fabrics, the craftsmanship, the elegance, and sophistication, or the detailed designs; all these attributes made Italian fashion what it is today.

Jennifer Tattanelli’s brand is the perfect example of fashion excellence!

Fresh leather goods and clothing brand that embodies true Italian fashion in every design created. It’s only fitting that they open an Atelier at none other than Palm Beach, Florida; a beautiful town known for its high quality of life.

That’s exactly what Jennifer’s brand represents: elegance and innovation.

Jennifer Tattanelli is an exceptional Italian designer who was born and raised in Florence, Italy. Having worked all her life in the fashion industry, and influenced by Italian culture and heritage, she decided to launch her own brand; a brand that’s all about high-end, sophisticated fashion for both men and women.

All the designs are handmade with the help of exceptional Italian craftsmen, and the carefully chosen materials (including leather, silk, and cashmere) are not only authentic but are also locally made.

This adds a lot of value to the designs, especially the ones incorporating authentic Florentine leather.

Her stores are located in Florence, Italy, Westhampton Beach in the Hamptons, New York, Woodbury Long island, and Palm Beach, Florida. The Atelier in Florida is literally a walking distance away from the beach boulevard.

Jennifer even brought with her the Italian feel with the store’s architecture. From the arcade entrance door to the vintage black lanterns, from the beige stone façade to the brick roof, these simple, yet elegant parts of the store
bring the Italian experience to life.

Even the minimalistic interior brings out the luxury vibe that you’d expect from an Italian brand. The store is divided into three sections, and a lounge area with classy furniture. The walls are mostly clouded with light wood, and the area between the clothing rails is spacious and inviting. Jennifer’s store was designed to provide clients with a comfortable and pleasurable shopping experience.

It is important to note that her stores also offer clients the option to have a personal, bespoke, or custom-made design. Because all the designs are made by Jennifer herself with the help of skillful Florentine craftsmen, she makes tailor-made clothing, shoes, and bags seamlessly.

You can book an appointment with Jennifer, request your design of choice, and
you’ll get an outfit that fits your style with Jennifer’s signature touch.

Needless to say, Jennifer knew exactly where to open her store, and Palm Beach is more than just a tourist attraction. It’s a town of class and soulfulness, which goes hand in hand with Jennifer’s “beachy”, sophisticated designs that are made with the finest Italian fabrics.

Don’t hesitate to visit her online store at

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