Are you tired to be in Europe?

Are you tired to be in Europe?

Happy 4th of July!!! 

It has been an amazing June! Working on the new collection I have been in Forte Dei Marmi here in Tuscany to take inspiration, then Sevilla, magic with all its vivid colours and in Greece, with its history and landscapes, what a dream for a designer, what an inspiration for me!

Needless to say, if you need any travel tip for these places, simply ask!!

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I am back in Florence right now and soon in the Hamptons. The Atelier on 123 Main Street has been open since middle June and Lilly and the team have been busy welcoming many of you. Weather has been smooth, with some cloudy days...well no complains since more shopping time was available for you all.

FLORENCE...I am still here for few days

To beat the heat here in Florence, I’ve been seeking out hangout spots with the strongest breeze. Ironically enough, the trek up to Piazzale Michelangelo is well worth it. I like bringing a few friends and a bottle of something bubbly around sunset to enjoy the views of the city and cool off a bit.

Palazzo Strozzi is opening another incredible exhibition. French-Chinese artist Yan Pei-Ming presents his newest works in a show called Pittore di Storie. His research on the relationship between images and reality reflects the culture and history between the east and west. What an amazing exhibition!

Then imagine a summer that lasts for four months… that’s exactly the situation in Florence, where the town council has allocated a maxi budget of nearly 1.9 million euro to make the Estate Fiorentina summer events showcase bigger and better than ever. 

The fun will see the involvement of 132 organizers; 111 projects; six special themed events, including a retrospective on Italian singer-songwriter Giorgio Gaber 20 years after his death and another on priest Don Milani, an educator of poor children and an advocate of conscientious objection, a century after his birth; 15 big festivals; and 12 summer venues. The City of Florence’s official Estate Fiorentina events showcase is back from June 2 to September 21, and will delight locals and internationals of all ages with a smorgasbord of art, music, theatre, literature, poetry and cinema.

If you have time, escape into the cool corridors of Florence’s remarkable Palazzo Vecchio. The city’s town hall has an impressive history with many secrets just waiting to be discovered. Step off the usual path through the centuries-old Medici palace and experience instead the narrow passageways that lie behind hidden doorways and panels. Featuring highlights such as Duke Gualtieri’s medieval stairway that’s revealed behind a painting and the jaw-dropping experience of Salone dei Cinquecento from above, you’ll get to know the palace from a completely new perspective. A gelato in a much-loved local spot completes the experience as you revel in the tales and legends surrounding the ancient stones while savouring your favourite flavour, making sure to sample a few new ones as well! There’s no shortage of choice in the city’s gelaterie, with folks flocking from all over just to enjoy the delicious array.

When the weather gets hot like this, I like to keep my meals fresh. Lately, I’ve been throwing together my famous tomato salad. All it takes is some chopped tomatoes, sliced onions and a healthy drizzle of olive oil- that’s it! A fresh and delicious summertime salad. It takes less than 10 minutes to put together and stays well in the fridge. 

Happy July everyone!  



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