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Jennifer Tattanelli - A normal day at work... - Jennifer Tattanelli

Good morning!


Things are set to sparkle this month! I know we have all to still be cautions and we are doing great so far, few months more we can do it!! Since I moved to Palm Beach I have tried to find something not to like…impossible!! Going to the Atelier on Worth Avenue in the morning walking from my house is a joy and the ocean breeze makes the rest.


We will soon light the holidays tree, come over and let us enjoy the celebration together.


In Florence the new lockdown seems will end soon, so everyone will be able to enjoy Florence lighted up with the glittering displays on all the main streets, lifting our spirits.


Via Tornabuoni is always twinkling at this time of year and it’s a lovely feeling to know that no matter what has happened this year, there is always light. There will also be the highly anticipated moment when the Christmas tree in the magnificent setting of the Piazza del Duomo is lit up on December 7 and we spread a sense of hope, particularly important this year.


Lots of energy has been put into making this December an especially comforting and safe one and I for one cannot wait to enjoy the festive atmosphere of the season.  There are some stunning moments to be had to finish off the historic year of 2020, making sure that we enter 2021 with some good memories too.


The annual Florence Light Festival is fortunately set to go ahead from December 8 to January 1. This year, the video-mapping show will be themed ‘Sight, From the Dark Wood to the Light’. Wandering the magical Florentine streets to spot the buildings wonderfully illuminated is always one of my favorite things to do at this time of year. New exhibitions are on the agenda too! 


Palazzo Strozzi has announced their always exciting contemporary art line-up. December 3 is the anticipated start date for the show titled ‘WeRise by Lifting Others’ by artist Marinella Senatore. Well-known as one ofItaly’s best artists, Senatore’s works have been created during these pandemic times and reflect on community and relationships when both senses of the words have changed so much recently. The show will consist of a large installation in the courtyard inspired by the popular southernItalian luminaria or “artist’s lighting” tradition.


There’s plenty to keep us occupied online too! The cultural organization MUS.E have curated an incredible digital series that involves many of the most notable museums and historic sites. Virtual visits, themed talks and discussions with curators and artists pack the program and ensure we get our cultural kick no matter where we are.Events are free and held on Zoom, sign up to them all at www.musefirenze.it.


Of course, December is also a foodie affair and Italian festive treats certainly don’t disappoint! 


Panettone is a firm favorite, the fluffy sweet bread can be prepared with a variety of ingredients but most typically with candied fruits or chocolate. Pandoro (my favorite) is the other cake sure to be on every table, its dome shaped presence a sure sign of the season! The typical cenone (big dinner) on December 25 is something almost all Italians will tuck into, the traditional meal more often based on seafood rather than meat with, of course, plenty of pasta!


 And with that, I wish you a very merry festive season. 


With love, yours....Jennifer

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