2021 finally arrived...how do you like my new leather collection?

Jennifer Tattanelli - 2021 finally arrived... - Jennifer Tattanelli

Good morning and Happy New Year!


Well, I think we can all say we’re excited to see the start of this 2021!


We’re all united in hoping that this year will bring better things, we cannot let our guard down yet so we will keep using the most fashionable (and breathable!!) masks, practice social distancing and enjoy as much as we can the Winter season ahead of us.


Working in fashion I am blessed (and cursed!!) to think ahead so the Fall Winter 2021-22 collection is already done and we are slowly getting into the development for the Spring Summer 2022...yup not even in 2021 and I am already looking at 2022!!


This year we will slowly move back into a normal schedule, I do prefer to skip the seasonal shown in New York for this Spring since it is too early to host a large gathering however we are working on the new Atelier in Woodbury Village on Long Island so this Spring we will have something to celebrate together!!


Here in Palm Beach the season is moving smoothly, the weather is so gorgeous that I am ashamed to even mention it...looking back to the winter months in New York I must say my body does prefer more natural Vitamin D than ice skating!!


Back to Florence, we are moving into the new year being still in lockdowns. In spite of the difficulties, cultural event organizers have still managed to come up with highly entertaining line-ups that ensure we have plenty to distract ourselves during the cold January evenings, offering us an escape through these tough times.


In place of the traditional New Year’s celebrations in Florence, the City of Florence’s YouTube channel has shown online events that include music, dance and theatrical performances that are sure to tick everyone’s boxes. Written and directed by Edoardo Zucchetti and Francesco Cacchiani, the events has taken place in Palazzo Vecchio, giving us a night of entertainment that ensured the New year started off in style, even if we can’t be with each other just yet.


Personally I have been home with my family, creating a delicious platter of the best Tuscan cheeses and cold meats and settling in for a warm and hopeful evening at home.


As every Italian knows, the holidays aren’t over until the Befana (Jan the 6th) arrives. The folklore goes that an elderly woman delivers treats to children throughout Italy on the occasion of the Epiphany, and coal to those who haven’t been quite so good! After that, decorations will start to come down but we still have things to look forward to!


The exciting news was released recently that work will commence on an Italian Language museum in 2021, to be housed in the Santa Maria Novella complex. The genius of Dante, Boccaccio, Petrarch, Ariosto, Galilei, Machiavelli, Leopardi, Manzoni, D’Annunzio and Sciascia will be explored, bound to give literature and language lovers great joy.


But of course, there’s even bigger literary news this year as 2021 marks Dante Alighieri’s 700th anniversary. The occasion will be celebrated with an awe-inspiring line-up that includes theater, art, music and more in a packed program that you can see at www.700dantefirenze.it.


Many of the events will be online, meaning we don’t need to go far to delve deep into Dante.


Typically, Pitti Uomo (fashion event) s a highlight in January’s cultural calendar, but this year, the event won’t be physically held until February 21-23. There will be, however, a digital fair on January 12th hosted on the specially made platform, Pitti Connect, launched to support exhibiting companies and to connect international buyers.


Live streaming will present brands’ fall-winter 2021 collections in a preview before the physical fair in February. From fashion to literature, and plenty in between, there’s lots to keep us occupied as Florence never fails to keep us culturally connected.


And so, I send you all every best wish for 2021, and I hope that it will be onwards and upwards for us all.


With love, yours....Jennifer

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