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Women's Geometric 60' Leather Sandals in Acquamarine
Women's Geometric 60' Leather Sandals in Acquamarine

Women's Geometric 60' Leather Sandals in Acquamarine




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Elegant and cute, these Women's Geometric Cut Leather Sandals are sure to give your outfit the final touch it needs for a beautiful look - whether it's for work or leisure. These sandals are made using high-quality leather material, with a leather-lined structure and a cushioned leather sole for comfort.

The 50mm leather-covered block heel is also stable when walking for added support, with a height that gives you just the right amount of sass. The front and trim of the  sandals have a geometric cut, flattering the foot elegantly. Finally, the strap that wraps around the ankle is adjustable for convenience. 

The design creates a must-have, butter-soft sandal for your shoe collection. Walk in total elegance, comfort, and style with these Geometric Cut Leather Sandals  for any occasion.

These shoes are made in Firenze, Italy, and can be tailored to your requirements. Customize them with your preferred colors and details. 

  • Various sizes
  • Heel height: 1.7 inches or 45mm
  • Leather material
  • Leather lined with a cushioned leather sole
  • Customizable
  • Stable leather-covered block heelb
  • Butter-soft sandal
  • Perfect height - comfortable
  • Adjustable strap
  • Handcrafted in Italy
  • Model PROA016 T45

...designing and crafting for you all...@JenniferTattanelli

This style can be custom made like all our products in many colors, ask one of our stylist for a personal consultation writing to:




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