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MIL6053 T20 Women Slip On in Blue - Jennifer Tattanelli
MIL6053 T20 Women Slip On in Blue - Jennifer Tattanelli

Women's Slip-On Mocassin Shoes in Blue




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Jennifer Tattanelli has taken a classic mocassin and created unique color and skin combinations with the Women's Mocassin-Inspired Slip-Ons. The result is a striking, trendy design perfect for colder weather, with two choices of rubber soles.


The Women's Mocassin-Inspired Slip-Ons are handmade in Italy using authentic, lined calf skin material, complete with a stylish tassel accessory and a cozy toe box. The elastic inserts add comfort to the shoes, and overall, they make an excellent addition to outfits with pants or even day dresses.


We strive to meet our customers' expectations when it comes to tailoring their own exclusive shoes. You can customize the Women's Mocassin-Inspired Slip-Ons to your liking, and we have various color choices available to browse.


  • Calf skin material (lined)
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Various color choices
  • Customizable
  • Slip-on mocassin style, ideal for pants & day dresses
  • Elastic inserts for comfort
  • Tassel accessory
  • Cozy toe box
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Model MIL6053 T20


...designing and crafting for you all...@JenniferTattanelli


This style can be custom made like all our products in many colors, ask one of our stylists for a personal consultation writing to:





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