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PUR1214 CREW NECK KNITWEAR - Jennifer Tattanelli
PUR1214 CREW NECK KNITWEAR - Jennifer Tattanelli
PUR1214 CREW NECK KNITWEAR - Jennifer Tattanelli

Women Crew Neck Knitwear in Celeste




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This Women's Crew Neck Knitwear has a sleeveless casual chic knit style that looks absolutely gorgeous when worn under a jacket.

The milk fiber fabric composition makes it suitable for sensitive skin types, lending a smooth, silky finish to the garment. It's a delight to wear for its feel against the skin as well as its looks.

The subtler shading contrast of the Women's Crew Neck Knitwear also has a beautiful faded effect, which can come in the color of your choice.

The sleeveless design also fits well for Autumn or Spring weather when it's between cold and hot.

Pair the knitwear with some jeans, pants, or even a skirt to complete the look.

Customize the entire style with whatever you'd like and experience what Jennifer Tattanelli has to offer.

● Handmade in Italy

● Various colors available

● Sleeveless design

● Casual, chic & stylish

● Ideal for sensitive skin types

● Silky finish

● Milk fiber

● Model: PUR1214

...designing and crafting for you all...@JenniferTattanelli

This style can be custom made like all our products in many colors, ask one of our stylist for a personal consultation writing to:




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