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Large Pashmina Poncho in Cherry - Jennifer Tattanelli
Large Pashmina Poncho in Cherry - Jennifer Tattanelli

Large Pashmina Poncho in Cherry




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The Pashmina Poncho is utterly exquisite with its cashmere and silk composition offering pleasant softness when worn or touched. This material combo also makes the poncho incredibly lightweight and thus is easy to travel with on vacation or business-related trips.

Compared to other ponchos that can often feel itchy when worn, this Pashmina Poncho is not itchy or irritating. In addition to all of these must-have qualities in a poncho, it is also extremely versatile with its large design and can be worn in various ways.

If you would prefer a different color or custom change to this accessory, you can do so with our bespoke services.

The poncho is crafted in Firenze, Italy, to your specifications.

  • Various sizes
  • Cashmere & silk
  • Customizable
  • Pashmina warp
  • Versatile - wear it various ways
  • Non-itchy feeling
  • Lightweight & easy to travel with
  • Super soft
  • Handcrafted in Italy
  • Model DENJT06L

...designing and crafting for you all...@JenniferTattanelli

This style can be custom made like all our products in many colors, ask one of our stylist for a personal consultation writing to:




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