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JENNIFER TATTANELLI - ...summer is here and a new normal too...

by Jennifer Tattanelli |

Good morning everyone!

Anyone else feel it? The optimism in the air? With the sunshine, I’m finding there is more joy to be found, visible even beneath the masks! There’s a renewed love for life and a hunger to bring the world back to glory. There’s a palpable drive forward that is energizing me and giving me hope that we’re on the right track now, the one that will bring us back to stability, even if we still have to be a bit patient.

The Atelier in Florence is reopening and the one in the Hamptons as well, while in Palm Beach I have taken advantage of the temporary pause and I am upgrading the air conditioning system and adding a surprise for you all when we will reopen in the Fall. Stay tuned!!

While we are all cleaning up the summer houses, we are all wondering what Florence will look like in the future; when will we see tourists awestruck by Brunelleschi’s Dome, snapping selfies contentedly with an enormous gelato and when will you feel the normal rhythms of the city resume. The short answer is that we don’t know, but there’s certainly movement towards rebuilding the city in a more secure way. Everyone’s focus is on how Florence can shine brightly into the future as a center of culture for centuries. This collective energy is here! The call has gone out for collaboration, communication and a united front to resolve the current issues and ensure that we use what we’ve learned throughout this experience to create a Florence where we’ll be proud to welcome visitors back.

Speaking about returns, museums have opened their doors once again, and I’m first in the queue...well with my spirit! Passing hours admiring our city’s treasures is a glorious feeling after so long removed from our local treasures. I could normally spend an entire day in any one of the exhibitions that are finally back for our viewing pleasure, but there is one nature-based display I’m particularly eager to catch whenever I will be allowed to travel again.

The Immensity of the Universe in the Art of Giovanna Garzoni in the Andito degli Angiolini space at Palazzo Pitti reopened on May 28. With 100 floral compositions, still lives and miniatures by the Baroque, Marche-born painter friend of Artemisia Gentileschi, this is an uplifting and soul-satisfying show that was curated by Sheila Barker of The Medici Archive Project. If you leave feeling inspired, the Advancing Women Artists foundation is inviting creations of contemporary art based on Garzoni’s oeuvre. Paintbrushes at the ready!

Having viewed some painted flowers, why not visit some actual ones! The weather in June is just wonderful, the sun spreads its happy glow and the flowers at this time of year are an absolute treat. I’m adding a few gardens to my list this month, especially the Giardino dell’Orticoltura and Giardino del Parnaso that are enticing me with their intoxicating scents and unique atmosphere. A few hours of total relaxation amidst nature’s bounty is just the antidote after these months of additional time indoors!

Once you’ve had your fill of fresh air, head home for a relax and stream one of the incredible films available on the online platforms from the Odeon Cinema ( and the Cinema La Compagnia ( There is an amazing archive of films, performances, interviews, and plenty of extras, all to be enjoyed as we await the expected reopening of cinemas on June 15.

It’s time to explore our cities and communities with new eyes and with a fresh look, ready to embrace their beauties and lift them into a more sustainable future.

As far as Florence....enjoy our special city and let’s care for her together....even simply playing with your children and grand children start planning your next trip, visiting the virtual images and tours and discussing your memories from the previous trips....dreaming has not been quarantined yet!!

Love to you all, yours truly...


p.s I liked the idea to show my Ateliers to everyone online so enjoy these virtual tours and spot your favorite item or team member.....simply click on:FIRENZE VIRTUAL TOUR or PALM BEACH VIRTUAL TOUR

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