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JENNIFER TATTANELLI - ...getting ready to see you soon...

by Jennifer Tattanelli |

Good afternoon everyone!

I am finally back to my family in New York, I apologize if in this week I neglected to post a video on instagram, I am sure you will forgive me since I have just surrounded with much missed love.

I declared this month to be the "Refinement" month, you cannot wear slippers or pijamas....well if you really cannot help it, choose it fashionable!! Audrey said: "L'eleganza è la sola bellezza che non sfiorisce mai” ..."Elegance is the only beauty that never fades".

I skipped in the last newsletter talking about Florence, we chat about fashion, we laughed with TicToc videos and all of this to keep ourselves connected regardless the social distancing. Now is time to go back where we started, now is time for a new renaissance.

We’ve all experienced the major swings from positive to negative (and back again!) in this last month. It seems that on a daily basis there’s both news that uplifts, followed by one that deflates. However, I want to share with you a few of the things I’ve come across that have filled my heart with love for my magical city and its champions as we enter a new world.

May 4th artisans will resume their activity while on the 18th the stores will be allowed o reopen. It will take aybe few days more and then Florence will start to beat again...we will just miss all of you for the time that you will need to travel back to Italy.

Keeping with the Renaissance theme, the Nuovo Rinascimento Onlus have created a collection point at the Casa Lapi restaurant, in via del Drago d’Oro 5 that accepts foods with a long duration from those who can give. Whether it’s a pack of spaghetti, tinned tomatoes, or some snack, it will all go to those who are struggling to source food at this time of financial crisis for many. The recently formed charity is also working with the Italian Red Cross delivering groceries, medicines and meals donated by local restaurants. An action to help others is bound to give a boost, both to our own spirits and to those in need of assistance.

And how about a bit of culture? I have been amazed at how many, and how quickly, organizations have taken their cultural activities to a digital database. The British Institute of Florence is a seat in the centre of Florence for so many English speakers in the city. Their popular Wednesday evening lecture series can now be accessed via Zoom. Often covering fascinating history of art topics, it also ranges from literature to politics.

Get your fill of the art we’re all missing by checking out what Palazzo Strozzi and the Uffizi have added to their websites. From colouring packs for adults and children alike, to virtual tours and online learning databases, the resources are endless.

The Fondazione CR Firenze have also been doing phenomenal work. My jaw dropped as I looked through their website and saw the sheer scale of their charity and cultural programmes. Something you must check out is their online library of resources called 'Con l’@arte - Una finestra sulla cultura'. Classes, archives, museum tours, performances and readings – all online. Around 100 associations got together to create the platform, all supported by the Fondazione. Incredible!

Reading many stories from some of the most noted figures around Florence was very emotional and gave me lots of food for thought. Seeing what is being done to bring the city slowly back to glory gives me great joy and a real belief in the power of us all working together. It has truly given me comfort to see the support and friendship we all share. We’ll get there!

"...if you want to go fast you go alone, if you want to go far you go together...."

Last but not least a prayer for all of us and for all the first responders who are sacrificing and struggling every day for our safety…Love to you all.

Yours truly,


p.s I liked the idea to show my Ateliers to everyone online so enjoy these virtual tours and spot your favorite item or team member.....simply click on:FIRENZE VIRTUAL TOUR or PALM BEACH VIRTUAL TOUR

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